Saturday, September 1, 2012

Saturday Snapshot

Snapshot Saturday - Audrey in the Gardens at Greenfield Village

Audrey in the Garden

It was my last week before school, and I spent a day with my good friend and her two children.  I took many pictures, but this is one of my favorites!

Snapshot Saturday is a weekly meme hosted by At Home With Books


  1. So lovely. Her dress is perfect for the setting.

  2. I love the way she's looking up at the plants. My Snapshot is at

  3. Aww so sweet! Little girls and flower gardens :)

  4. That is precious - like a painting!

  5. The flowers on her dress make her seem like another lovely addition to the garden.

  6. I can see what that is your favorite. A perfect capture of the wonder of the garden as seen by a child... and me too!

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