Saturday, October 22, 2016

R.I.P. Movie Review: Crimson Peak

I used to LOVE scary horror movies- but I have found now that I am older I don't have the capacity to watch them as much anymore. We used to even have Horrible Horror Movie nights at our house every Monday for years and years, but now I wouldn't be able to face it. Lol. 

However, it is Halloween, so I bucked up and watched one. I plan to watch at least two more before Halloween but we will see.

This is also I think my very first movie review!

I have wanted to see this movie for a long time - like a year. I love Tom Hiddleston (Hiddles!) and also Jessica Chastain and Mia Wasikowska. And this poster - amazing, right? Creepy and super visual. 

I ended up loving this movie, and in terms of scary, I put it high on my list! Mia Wasikowska plays American Edith Cushing, an aspiring writer and avid bookworm. She's not interested in romance, just her books, or so she thinks, as that all changes when she meets Tom Hiddleston, who plays Thomas Sharpe. Thomas and his sister Lucille are English, titled, and penniless. Edith can't resist Thomas and the two marry, and the threesome heads back to the Sharpe home, Allerdale Hall, set in the wilds of Cumberland, England. 

Of course, this is where the movie gets really good. Lucille is creepy. There is something weird about the brother and sister, and the Hall is in serious disrepair.  Huge, black, imposing, it sits ominously on a sea of red earth. Edith begins to start seeing things. Scary things. And here is where I missed a bunch of the movie due to creep outs! 

There were some scary ghosts crawling around this place and I just couldn't look! About halfway through I was able to finally not look away, and I have to say, although this movie was scary, it was beautiful. The hall was gorgeous in its ruin, the cinematography was brilliant, the colors vivid and striking all the right moods and ambiance. The costumes, Edith and Lucille's hair - all of it was masterfully done. I couldn't look away, it was stunning, yet horrific all at the same time. 

Edith learns some disturbing truths about her new life and the end becomes a life or death struggle, in the cold and fog and bleeding ground. The ending had a few small twists, and felt in a way, a little sad. Overall though, I thought it was well done and for me, creepy. 

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