Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A Cold Damp Day and Some R.I.P. Mini Reviews

It is a cold and dreary autumn day today. Wyatt has the right idea and is napping all snug in his bed right now; my version is more curl up with my coffee cup, in my snugly new crazy pants and a giant sweatshirt. Have you guys heard of these Lularoe leggings? I won a Halloween pair, and they are perfect for days like today, lazy rainy days. They seem kind of rockabilly, vintage horror to me. 

I've been busy doing some school reading and making Wyatt's costume, and I missed my regular Monday post! My classes this semester are fascinating but very work intensive, actually more than I expected! We have read some really interesting articles and books, and if you are at all interested, I am going to do a quick post soon about what we've been reading, I think they are that good, I have to share. Other than school, I have gotten stuck on the Jinx Hamilton series by Juliette Harper. Which brings me to my mini-reviews!

R.I.P. is hosted by Stainless Steel Droppings every Halloween....Read at your own peril!


Witch at Heart and Witch at Odds by Juliette Harper: 

Book 1 begins the journey of Jinx Hamilton into her new reality - that of a witch. She has inherited her Aunt Fiona's crazy store, and with it, has discovered her very own witchy witch powers. With the help of her good friend Tori, and that of the supernatural, Jinx solves the mystery of a string of missing women and finds their killer. I thought that the reason behind the murders was very original - it was not one I had ever read anywhere else, and I love originality when it works, and it definitely worked here. In Book 2, Jinx is still finding her way through this new life of hers. She is starting to branch out, try new things, experiment with her powers, and accidentally sets off a chain of events that requires some heavy duty fixing. We get to know her, Tori, and a few other characters better in this book, and I think every reader will enjoy the character of Beau! Her writing style and pace and just in general, these books have a feel about them that reminds me of Charlaine Harris. I am enjoying these witchy reads this time of year, and the best part is, they are not super scary! 

The Cottage on Pumpkin and Vine by Kate Angell/Jennifer Dawson and Sharla Lovelace: This book is really three short stories, all taking place in the small town of Moonbright, Maine, which is an awesome name for a town, and center around the big annual town party at the local B&B. The party is said to be magical for those who stay overnight at the B&B, and three partygoers find out just what that means. We get stories from before, during, and after the party, which was kind of a fun way to do it. The first story, Charmed by You, was my least favorite of the three. Cade, the main guy in the story, hated Halloween and had the stupidest reason ever for hating it. He got in trouble once for a Halloween prank as a kid and therefore, hates Halloween. Whatever. Beyond that, it was just the weakest story of the three. The next story, Mesmerized by you, was super cute. It was fun, as was the third story, which was my favorite - Enchanted by You. Overall, this quick romantic Halloween read is perfect for the person who wants to read something seasonal but likes their Halloween minus the scary element.


  1. This has been an awful day- it's rainy and cold and windy over here too. Love those Witch at Heart covers- very Halloweenish! They sound good too- and so does the Cottage on Pumpkin and Vine. Hope you have a great rest of the week- and a fun Halloween!

    1. I don't mind them too much sometimes, but it was just ick, and today looks just as rainy and cold.

      Thanks Greg!

  2. The first series seems my cup of tea. How sweet to imagine little Wyatt all curled up in his crib or sleeping with abandon, splayed out, LOL. Yes, it'll definitely be interesting to see what your'e reading in class.

    1. I am enjoying that series! The first one is free for Prime members on Kindle, which is how I found it. :) It was a good find!


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