Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Book to Movie: My picks for the Hollows series

Last Tuesday, after meeting Kim Harrison and glorying in all things the Hollows, Mary and I began a discussion about who we would cast if the series were to be made into a movie. This discussion continued with my husband, who has also read the series. We had some major differences of opinion between the three of us! This is just the main gang too, not the entire series of characters.

Let's start with Jenks..

Clicking on photos will take you to original photo. Some sites may be graphic as I am finding them on Tumblr.
We all pretty much agreed that adorable Ryan Kwanten could easily play Jenks.


Maggie Q

Trent Kalamack

Chris Pine


Robert Downey Jr.


Tom Hiddleston


Tilda Swinton


Malin Ackerman

And finally Rachel...

Bryce Dallas Howard

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