Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Short Thoughts on a few Southern Books

Return to Sullivan's Island by Dorothea Benton Frank

I really enjoyed this book! Although I found the main character Beth to be very naive and make really stupid decisions, I had to remember that she was young and I am..older. And wiser. I found the energy of this book to be quick, and the imagery gorgeous. If only I had a house on Sullivan's Island!

Yankee Doodle Dixie by Lisa Patton

Super adorable cover, not as adorable book. We read this for my online book club with my family (called Let's Read Y'all).  The book however was not the best. Not one of us liked the main character Leelee - she was thought to be selfish and prudish, depending on who you talked to. The blurb says that Leelee can't say no and that gets her into trouble; I beg to differ. I think what gets her in trouble is simply poor decision making. We all thought she did exactly what she wanted to do, which sometimes had the least desirable results.

Biscuit Witch by Deborah Smith

I did not care for this book. I don't know if it was how I was reading it or how it was formatted, but I had a hard time understanding whose point of view I was reading. Which seemed to switch a lot and without warning. I chose not to finish this book somewhere near the beginning.

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