Wednesday, October 9, 2013

September Book Club

Hostess: Erin
Book: Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
Food: Cheesy Corn Chowder, Baguette, Cheese and Crackers, Veggie Tray, Apple Pie
Month: September
Wine of the Night: Bogle Cabernet

When I planned the menu, I was expecting a cool and crisp fall day, but instead we had a sticky hot humid day. Maybe the weather wanted to match that of Savannah’s.  It was the wrong weather for soup, but it was what I had planned, so I stuck with it. I turned the air conditioner up to compensate, and I am happy to say that everything turned out perfectly, in regards to the soup. The pie however, was not so good. I was short on time, so I tried to cheat and bought a frozen Marie Callender pie, their Lattice Apple. The taste was good, but it had to be served in a bowl. Next time I will just take the time and make my own.

I love this book, and so, I want my friends to love it too. It seems weird to say that I love a murder mystery, especially one that is true, but the characters, which also are based on real people, are so eccentric and charismatic that you can’t help but fall for their southern charm, despite any imperfections they may have. Savannah itself large over the story, beguiling the reader and becoming a main character.  

These characters (people) took over our discussion as well. The Lady Chablis, Luther Driggins, Serena Dawes, to name just a few that we talked about, over drinks, which I am sure many of them would appreciate.  I love reading about the Married Women’s Card Club, and of course Joe Odom. We all thought it would be awesome to meet Chablis, or to attend one of her shows. When Jennifer and I visited Savannah a few years ago, we saw a poster outside a building advertising one of her performances, but it was the wrong dates for us to attend. We also visited the house itself, which was just as gorgeous as I had imagined.

Finally, we discussed the main prevailing storyline, that of Jim Williams and his involvement in the murder of Danny Hansford. Trial after trial found him guilty, until eventually, at a trial in another city, Jim was found not guilty, although he died of a heart attack not long after. Was it premeditated, cold blooded murder? Or was it self-defense? We all cast our votes, and have our own ideas about what happened that night.

What do you think?


  1. I naively thought this book was fiction - enjoying it all the long - and in my mind, fitting in perfectly with the eccentric cast of characters - it was pure escapism. It wasn't until I turned to the last page and learned that the story was true. Dumbfounded, I wondered what set of circumstances caused the peculiarities in the southerners. Then I thought of my own friends and family and quickly shut my mouth. The story is so well woven. The only thing that blew my mind further was that the movie was like literally stepping into the book as the minds eye had imagined it. PS Powerful people ARE guilty no matter what the verdict. Just staying.

    1. I get what you are saying about Powerful people.

      The movie was a very good interpretation of the book! I agree totally. I can't read this book now without picturing the actors either; and Jim Williams now reads just like Kevin Spacey in my head.


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