About Me/Review Policy

I am a SAHM, who spends her days changing diapers, feeding the world's most reluctant eater, and otherwise receiving hugs and kisses from the cutest little boy ever. When his dad (my husband) comes home, I have to share but that's ok. It's a good thing. :)

In my spare time, of which I don't have much right now, we all go out for walks in the woods, check out the events happening downtown, and cook as a family. Well, little man sits in his high chair and watches but still that is a sort of helping.  I also love to read and take photos, and I am trying to learn to knit. It's my goal for the year!

I like books...a lot.  I read all the time, I always have.  My mom used to actually ask that I stop reading sometimes.  I would walk around the house reading, brush my teeth reading, cook while reading..the book didn't stop me.  I am the same way now, just don't tell anyone.

Some of my favorite books in no particular order are: The Prince of Tides, Remembering Blue, The Witching Hour, Watership Down, All Creatures Great and Small, The Great Gatsby, The Lake of Dead Languages, and Jane Eyre. Some of my favorite authors include: Pat Conroy, Connie May Fowler, Alice Hoffman, Carol Goodman, Stephen King, and Sarah Allen Addison

Book Review Policy:

Authors & Publishers – If you would like to send me a book to review, please email me with a synopsis of the book. I’m usually happy to participate in blog tours, post guest posts, conduct author interviews, and/or hold giveaways in conjunction with reading and reviewing the promoted book. Please note that I only respond to emails if I am interested in accepting the book.
  • My Preferred Reading Likes: Literary Fiction, Travel Memoirs, Hipster Farming Memoirs, Horror, Southern Literature, Gothic Literature, Magical Realism, Urban Fantasy, Historical Fiction (especially set in the 2os, Scotland/Ireland, and France)

  • Genres I Generally Will Not Accept: Erotica, Science Fiction, Thrillers, or anything too Sad
I have a Kindle and will consider accepting specific review copies in electronic form. 
By accepting a review copy of a book, I do not guarantee that I’ll finish it or that I’ll review it. If I do finish the book, I’ll review it honestly on this site. If I do not finish a book for any reason, I’ll do my best to ensure that it finds its way into the hands of another interested reader, usually through a giveaway on this site. I may or may not read and review unsolicited books.
I do my best to read and review books in a timely manner. However, due to time constraints and other reading interests, it may take several months for a review to be posted, unless a prearranged date has been agreed upon.
Every book that I have received to review was sent to me, for free, by the author or publisher. All other books reviewed on this site were received as gifts, loaned to me, or purchased by me.