Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Quick Update- Meet Baby Wyatt!

Hey all!

So..the last 5 weeks have been bumpy. I went to my doctor's appointment on February 12th and was sent directly to the hospital for preeclampsia. I stayed in the hospital about 3 weeks before they needed to deliver my son via C-section, due to some issues he was having as well. He was born early, at almost 33 weeks. On the day he was born, it was discovered that he had a brain bleed in an ultrasound, which prompted the delivery. Three days after he was born, he had a reservoir put into his head. He is now two weeks born, and doing really well! He is still in the NICU and probably will be for a while, which is hard. I just want him well and at home, but for now he is in the best place for him. However, if you could keep him in your prayers, that would be appreciated. :)

Meet Wyatt James Atticus! We gave him an extra middle name to grow on. :)

Feeling nautical! And I no longer have the feeding tube in my nose, I eat like a big boy now!