Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Rainy Sunday in Detroit

A few weeks ago, DTE Energy arranged for a couple of free community performances. I jumped at the opportunity to watch the Detroit Symphony Orchestra perform, and took my husband, friend Mary and her husband Anthony with me. A week following the concert, I received an email from the DSO offering me two more complimentary tickets, this time for a performance at the Max Fischer Music Center. And, I got to pick any seat that I wanted! Like a ninny, I passed on the Box Seats because I felt weird, but I did choose the next price point down, the Dress Circle.

That morning, Billy and I left early so that we could get lunch before the show. We didn't want to stray too far from the area that The Max is located so that we could get to the symphony on time, so we went a few blocks away to the Motor City Brewing Works. I had never been there before but I had heard great things so I was excited to give it a try. One thing to note though: You must park in the spots that are marked for Motor City Brewing, or a restaurant named Traffic Jam will have your car towed. Apparently the lot is mostly theirs.

It was a slightly rainy day, but not gloomy. It was one of those fall days that is bright with the fallen colorful leaves, green and dewy. My favorite kind of autumn day. We took a seat at the counter, which is cement painted a rich burgundy color, and our drink order was taken immediately. I ordered their version of hard cider, while Billy ordered the Bohemian Lager. Mine was wonderfully tart and delicious, but Billy's Bohemian was better for the time of day. I enjoyed it, but next time for lunch I will order the Boho, the cider was just too rich for the early hour. 

The Taproom
Photo property of Motor City Brewing Works

 The Tap Room was so cozy, I felt like we were outside, with the dappled sunlight streaming through the skylights, the stone and wood accents, and the sound of a gentle rain overhead. We sipped on our drinks as we perused the menu, which consisted of salads and pizzas. They have vegetarian options as well as those for carnivores, and all are made in a brick oven, which I could see from my seat at the bar. Billy and I split a pizza, and decided to design our own. The options were endless, and we were able to choose the sauce, cheese, and the toppings. For the basics of the pizza, we chose tomato herb sauce and quattro formaggi cheese. As for the toppings, I picked olives for my half, and Billy chose Italian sausage.

It arrived not too long after we ordered, and was super gooey and cheesy and warm. We polished it off pretty quickly, downed the rest of our drinks, and headed off to the symphony!

We arrived at The Max a good hour before the performance was scheduled to begin. We wandered around the lobby, where we could have purchased more booze but opted instead for a coffee and a water. Eventually, we took our seats. We were lucky enough to be able to hear a talk from a new composer, Bright Sheng, whose piece Let Fly was being performed at its world premiere that day by violinist Gil Shaham. 

The symphony began the performance with the Russian Easter Overture by Rimsky-Korsakov followed by Sheng's piece. I was swept away by the music and closed my eyes, mentally visually the notes soaring through the air, which is what Sheng was trying to put into song, this idea. A quick intermission followed, where Billy and I did order a drink each - wine for me, whiskey for him. Tip: If you order your drink before the performance begins, it will be waiting for you at intermission. After the fast intermission, the orchestra resumed with music from composer Maurice Ravel, a favorite of mine, including Parvane for a Dead Princess. I left the Detroit Orchestra with my head in the clouds and full of music. I can't wait to go again!


  1. You just made me so homesick! I LOVE Motor City Brewing Works and Traffic Jam. You were realllllly close to King Books, too! ;)

    1. Aww! I am sorry!! Motor City Brewing Works has immediately catapulted to the top of my favorite places to dine in the D. I am not a fan of Traffic Jam's food actually, but it is a cool place to get drinks. :) I should definitely do a post about King Books one day!

    2. Makes me want to go there, sounds very warm, and cozy place to be with your favorite person.

    3. It was one of those perfect moments. :)


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