Thursday, August 16, 2012

August Book Club - Gone Girl

Hostess: Jill
Book: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
Food: Jill's own recipe Spicy Vegetable Pasta, fresh veggies with mozzarella, a watermelon-strawberry-raspberry fruit salad, crackers and spinach dip, and a Heath Bar trifle that was her grandma's recipe
Wine of the Night:  Lulu 
Month: August

We were not able to discuss this book because most of the book club members are still working on it, and there is no way those who have read it can discuss it without spoilers! And we do not want to ruin this book.  So, tonight we ate and drank and laughed and laughed.  

First the conversation was about old 80s tv shows - Facts of Life, Family Ties, Growing Pains, Mr. Belvedere, Webster, Punky Brewster, Webster and of course Gimme a Break with tiny Joey Lawrence and Nell Carter!  I was a huge Facts of Life fan, while Alyssa loved Punky Brewster.  I had to reveal that I couldn't watch Punky Brewster because it creeped me out, that this little girl met an old guy in a parking lot and went home with him.  Isn't that exactly what we were taught not to do? Lol.  Mary loved Mr. Belvedere, and Jill Growing Pains, which I think came later because I loved that too.  Question: Does anyone remember what tv show came on after Facts of Life? Because we felt something did, but couldn't remember.  

We also talked about my weird husband and the elaborate joke he played on me before he was married, movies like 21 Jump Street (which I couldn't watch either, because it was nothing like the tv show, even though Channing Tatum is in it), Magic Mike, and Step Up Revolution.  We talked about how Jill is going to a Broadway play in October starring her favorite actor, and that we though she should treat it like a concert, hooting at the stage.  (we really don't want her to do this)

We used the time to just catch up on each others lives, have fun, relax, drink wine, laugh, forget anything going on in our lives for that moment, except that moment.  We lived in the moment.  We missed two of our friends tonight, who had important life things to do, but we know we will see them next month, at Jennifer's house. We will catch up to them and hear about their lives and how tonight went.  And it will be just as fun, like it is every month.  Hanging out with your friends just having a good time. 

I did review Gone Girl in June, here is my review if you are interested. 

September's book club is Jennifer's, and her book pick is Wild by Cheryl Strayed.

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  1. That was one of the best book club meets I have ever been to! I am still busting a gut laughing as I am trying to tell my sister about it!


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