Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday~Bookish Confessions

Top 10 Tuesday is a post hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and this week's topic is Top Ten Bookish Confessions.

1.  Sometimes, I like to read the end of a book first.  

2.  I read multiple books at a time, and I usually group them by the time of day- my morning book, my afternoon book, my evening book, the book I read in bed.

3.  I read all the time - sometimes even while I am cooking or eating or brushing my teeth or walking room to room.  It used to drive my mom crazy..

4.  For a while I didn't go to the library, and our monthly budget for books was out of control.  Now I go to the library  once or twice a week.  I buy only the books from authors I love.   Even though I don't buy as many books, we still have a lot.  I don't have room for them all and they are everywhere I can put books.  When Billy and I first moved out, I had books in my kitchen cupboards and pantry, mixed in with our food and bowls and cups.

5.  I love the feel of a book, and the smell of new books.  But I do read digital books too. 

6.  I don't mind reading a series out of order.  Yes, I said it.  I prefer to read them in order, but if I don't its not a big deal.  

7.  I underline parts I like in books I own.  And I write in them.  

8.  I prefer a physical book to an e-book, but I will read digital books as well.

9.  I am careful about who I loan my books out to.  I like to get them back and in pretty much the same condition as it was when I loaned it to you, although I don't freak out about wrinkles in the spine.  

10.  I have certain books I read every year around the same time. For example, I always read Watership Down in the spring.

11. I am not a picky reader, but I do run into books I really don't like.  Twilight and 50 Shades for instance. I read them, but didn't care too much for them.

12.  I really like happy endings.  I know they are not always possible, but I really like them.  Sometimes I get mad when I think a book should have one and it doesn't.

How about you? Do you have anything to confess?


  1. I used to drive my mom nuts reading everywhere, too. I'd sneak a book into the bathroom when I took my bath at night, I'd read under the covers after bedtime...Once, I missed my busstop in elementary school because I was reading and got to engrossed and completely zoned out. Luckily, my bus route at the time was "drop off the condo kids *here*, then go drop off the culdesac kids *here* and loop around back past where we drop the condo kids off", and I realized before she passed my original drop off place. Luckily, my bus driver thought it was hilarious instead of getting mad at me. :)

    1. Lol! I love that story!! My mom used to ask me to please stop reading for a minute, and I would reply that most mothers want their children to read.

  2. My mom is the same way as you are when you say you like a book to have a happy ending. She will read the last chapter and if it's not a happy ending she won't read the book! I can't say I am the same way though. I like to be surprised. I do remember reading Bag of Bones (years ago!) and refusing to finish the book because (I hope I don't spoil this for you) Stephen King killed the main character! I found out later that he's notorious for doing things like that but still! Had I known I probably wouldn't have invested so much time and energy into reading that LONG book! lol

    Like you I do love the feel of a book. I like the look of it too, so I never lend a soft cover book and if I happen to trust you enough to lend you one of my hard cover books I keep the jacket and give you a few "house rules" on how I expect my book to be treated while it is in your possession. As you can imagine, I haven't been lending my books out to anyone in quite some time! :-)

    It's the quirks that unite us!

    E. Drayton (Literally Correct)

    1. Bag of Bones is my favorite Stephen King book! Lol how funny that was your example. Stephen King and Dean Koontz books, I just try not to get attached. ;) Lol. I still read books if I know the ending is not one I like, but I do get mad at the book and not want to read it again most of the time. It just depends on how much I liked the rest of the book. Like Blue Asylum - I loved that book but I was so mad at the ending, so I probably won't read it again.

      And yes, our quirks give us character and unite us!

  3. I HAVE TO READ A SERIES IN ORDER! There is no other way for me to read one:) I also skip to the last page first to see if it it going to be sad, happy etc. I do not like to be surprised:) And I will only lend out a few books at a time to certain people that I know I can trust. You happen to be on that list;)

    1. I know I am probably the only weirdo in the world who doesn't care about reading books in order. Lol. And you are one of my few I loan books out to as well! :)


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