Friday, February 19, 2016

What Wyatt's Reading- February Edition

Wyatt and I have just been reading through this cold month! There are so many holidays in February that we were not able to cover them all - a goal for next year! After Groundhog Day, we moved on to President's Day, Black History Month, and of course Valentine's Day - next year we will definitely be adding Chinese New Year and Mardi Gras, if it is in February again.

Speaking of Mardi Gras, Detroit has its own Fat Tuesday tradition - Paczki Day! This is traditionally a Polish celebration and we have a large population of people of Polish descent in our area of Michigan. Naturally, a holiday as delicious as Paczki Day is enjoyed by everyone - everyone is Polish on Paczki Day! A paczki is similar to a jelly donut, and come in many flavors: custard, lemon (my favorite), raspberry, chocolate, strawberry, and prune are top choices. Yes, prune. Lol. I bought Billy and I each a paczki, and also, one for Wyatt. He only got a little taste, but his tiny taste buds were blown.away.


Anyway back to the books!

This is what we have finished:

 Abe Lincoln's Dream by Lane Smith: I'm not sure what I thought of this book. It was kind of weird. I did learn that Ronald Reagan's dog would drive everyone crazy by barking at the Lincoln bedroom door all day...

The Ballad of Valentine by Alison Jackson: I loved this book, and so did Wyatt. You can sing it to the tune of Clementine, and I dare you not to. You just can't help yourself! It is designed to be sung and it is very well done. Wyatt loved it - he loves all things music.

John, Paul, George and Ben by Lane Smith: I liked this book much better than the Lincoln book. It was pretty cute, and would be a good way to introduce history to kids.

Llama Llama I love you by Anna Dewdney: Super adorable board book. Short and sweet and good for gnawing on as well. I am sure it comes in a less durable format as well for those children who have moved beyond eating their reading material.

Madam President by Lane Smith: LOVED this one! It mixes fact with fiction in a good way, through the imagination of a little girl who dreams of being President one day. 

Porcupining: A Prickly Love Story by Lisa Wheeler: Not technically a Valentines Day book, but this is an old favorite. This poor porcupine is just looking for love in all the wrong places - until he finally meets his prickly match! Lisa Wheeler is also a local author, and I love that too. 

A Boy and a Jaguar: I picked this one up because I loved the cover, but what was between the pages was a much more beautiful story. A little boy who stutters makes a promise that if he ever finds his voice, he will speak for those who can't speak for themselves - animals. This book is wonderful and I think it is a story for all ages to enjoy, honestly. It's a true story, as well. I teared up a little, just an FYI.

Still to Read:

We are working on these this week!


  1. A Boy and A Jaguar sounds like a stunning read - also, I see why the cover attracted you. A whole host of new to me titles here!

    Reading With Jade

    1. It was amazing. I loved it for sure. I am definitely buying it for Wyatt's own library, to read again and again. It is a true story too, I forgot to add that in there!

  2. I love kids and food, how they stare longingly at you when it looks like you're eating something delicious. I so wanna try a paczki! It looks yummy.

    1. Lol! When Wyatt stares longingly at food, we give it to him these days. Well, within reason. :) Paczki are awesome! Yum!


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