Sunday, February 14, 2016

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Happy Valentines Day! I hope you had a great day!
Here is a link to a post I put up on Valentines Day a few years ago - I love this as much now as I did then!

Last week, I wrote about Wyatt and our feeding issues with him. Thank you, for all your comments and stories and well wishes and prayers. All are so appreciated. I am feeling in a much more positive place than where I was last week- we have a plan, we are sticking to it, and I think we have just the beginnings of a bit more chub on his cheeks and wrists. Yay! 

It was ultra-cold this weekend where we live, and we decided to stay indoors, where Billy and I baked like crazy people. We are addicted to the British Bake Off show, and felt inspired. We made a cake from scratch from a 100 year old recipe, and bagels from scratch as well. As for how everything turned out, that is for another post. We are hoping to make one more thing before the weekend is up, but we are running out of time! We shall see.

Read Last Week:

I didn't make much headway in the Oregon Trail, but I did read a little bit. Still very good, just slow going - snail's pace even.  

Crystal Kingdom by Amanda Hocking: I finally finished this book - I love Amanda Hocking. I first read her Trylle series right before they were picked up by a publisher, when she was still self-publishing, and I was not surprised she was picked up. I think these stories are original, something different in this genre. So far, this is my favorite of her series. Maybe it's all the rabbits. I love bunnies.

Reading This Week:


My library did their blind date with a book promo this year again. I went for it, and am excited to read my blind date:

Lucky You by Carl Hiaasen: I have not read anything by this author, other than his book Hoot. I am looking forward to this!


The Great British Bake Off, Bones (we are up to Season 7!), and Top Chef. 

So, that is what is going on in my world - what's going on in yours?


  1. I'm glad things are better for Wyatt and will continue to keep him in my prayers.

    I love the Great British Bake Off! I have Baking With Mary Berry checked out from the library. I haven't tried the recipes but they are fun to look at. Hope your baking endeavors succeed :)

    I've never read Amanda Hocking but her books have the prettiest covers! I've done Blind Date With a Book for our winter reading program a few times at the library. A lot of fun to put together but also a lot of work! I did see a new way of doing the display with first lines from the books instead of writing a personal ad. May try that next year. Hope you enjoy your "blind date"!

    1. Thanks Christina! We definitely need all the prayers we can get.

      Omg I am obsessed with that show! Lol. I need to checkout that book apparently - and one from Paul Hollywood as well! I love bread and bread making.

      They really do! So shiny and colorful and pretty. Lol. The Blind Date idea is so cute! I did an interpretation of it for the elementary library I was running one year - instead of a blind date though, I did Don't Judge a Book by its Cover, and wrapped up some of the older books, than challenged the kids to give these books a chance. It was way more successful than I had imagined - I should have realized kids like to unwrap things! I ended up having to wrap books for practically every kid in the school! Lol. It was fun though. :)

  2. I am so glad the feeding issues are looking better! My library does the Blind Date with a book too! I've discovered a couple of new authors my checking one out. Hope you have a great week.

    1. He is doing pretty good right now! Every meal time is stressful for me but I try to keep it in check, I don't need to pass that tension on to the boy.

      The Blind Date is such a fun concept!

  3. That's great news about Wyatt, I hope he continues to put on weight! Glad things are looking up. And how cool you guys are baking together this weekend. Sounds fun. Can't wait to hear how it all turned out. :)

    Hasn't the cold been fun this week? Not! Hope it warms up soon...

    1. Thank you, we are one week in and 4 to go! He can do this, I know it. :)

      Baking was a great way to spend the weekend - I didn't need the extra calories but it did make the house nice and toasty. :)

      Omg this cold! I hate it!! It seems to happy this time every year too lately. :(

  4. Happy Be-lated Valentine's Day! I like your rotating photos on your blog. Great photos! The idea of Blind Date sounds interesting - I'm guessing Blind Date is not the title of the book. I hope you have a great week.

    1. Thank you! :)

      The Blind Date is fun! The library wraps up a book, writes a cute little blurb on it with a description of what to expect from the book, and then you choose from those. I ended up unwrapping the Carl Hiaasen book; I have not really read him before and I am excited to try something new. :)

  5. Crystal Kingdom sounds like a good book. All the other books are new to me. Hope you enjoy them all.

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    Theresa (The Truth About Books)
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    1. Thanks! I love YA, especially YA with shiny pretty covers. Lol. The books themselves are really good too!

  6. I'm so glad you and your husband made a plan and feel in control with Wyatt's situation. That Blind Date book event looks so fun. I wish our library did that. These blind date books are they free to take? Do you get to keep them or do they have to be checked out? If they are free books to take and own, where do they get the books? Donations?

    1. It is fun! The library wraps up books to be checked out, and they usually have a little blurb to help "match" people with a book they might want. They have the barcode attached on the outside of the wrap so they can still scan it. It's a fun, cute little idea. I get excited to tear off the wrap and see what I got! Lol.

      And thanks about W. It is still pretty scary but at least now I feel like I do have some control over what is going on. :)

  7. I think Blind Date books are awesome..I hope your is wonderful!!

  8. Glad to hear Wyatt might eat enough calories to solve the problem himself, yay! I'm saying prayers for him.

    I love that Blind Date idea! Never read that author, but heard of him, and matching people up with types of books instead of specific titles is an adventurous way to go!

    Stay warm, bake lots of good stuff, and get Wyatt interested in healthy bread and biscuit eating alongside you :)He can do it!

    1. I love the blind date idea too! And like blind dates they are hit or miss - I think this one is a miss for me. Lol.

      Thanks Rita!!

  9. I hope your reading week was good.

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