Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Book Club: The April/May Edition

My schedule has precluded me from completing posts in a timely fashion! Therefore I will be posting about two months of book clubs in one single post. This time of the year we are also struggling with finding a day we can all meet - with spring/summer classes, work schedules, and children's various practices, it is hard to pin down a day! It seems to be evening out a bit, thank goodness!

April Book Club

Hostess: Alyssa
Book: Still Missing
Food: a Middle Eastern smorgasbord, and beautiful petit fours
Wine of the Night: A sweet moscato

Alyssa's heart has an infinite capacity for injured or homeless animals. The fact that she works in a animal shelter means that at any time you may never know what menagerie she will be fostering. At book club when I pulled out my chair to sit down at the kitchen table, where we all linger for a bit before flopping over into the living room, Kelly told me to watch for the kitten. I found the cutest little tuxedo kitten hanging out on the chair seat. He had a little cold, and the cutest French name that I can't remember. Pretty soon out toddled his litter mate, as well as a puppy! We all had a good time playing with Alyssa's fosters, catching up on everyone's lives. After eating our fill of the delicious middle eastern food she had, we commenced to the living room, where we discussed this book! What a crazy scary book! It is the type of scary that you know happens, which makes it even worse! We all enjoyed the book although it gave us the major heebie-jeebies!

May Book Club

Hostess: Jill
Book: Still Life with Woodpecker
Food: Pasta Santorini, hummous and pita, fresh veggies, and homemade German chocolate cake
Wine of the Night: Sangria

Our schedules got the best of us with this book club -3 of our members were not able to make it, which is huge when there are only 7 of us total. There was just not one single evening that all of us could make, so Jill went with the one day someone suggested as being the better one. It was a tough call. And on top of it, the rest of us had hammered schedules as well, and were not able to read the book. Even me! So May's book club was more of a get together with friends than a book club.

We discussed our lives - Jill's new job, Baby Will, my midterm and classes, Kelly's vacation..we may not have been literary but we did make the most of the evening, squeezing in some stolen moments to hang out for a few hours.

Next book club is Jennifer's and we are reading Eleanor and Park. It looks like it should be a good night!


  1. I was just talking to a friend about Still Missing - it is fantastic and if you do audio I highly recommend listening to it!

    1. My husband listens to audio all the time - I will tell him to listen to this one! :) Thanks for popping by!


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