Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Shorty Book Reviews: Christmas in Snowflake Canyon and Christmas on 4th Street

Let me preface these two reviews by saying, I am in love with winter and Christmas time. Yes. I am a weirdo, I love snow, and being out in it. I think it is so beautiful, the way it carpets the earth in a white glistening blanket. I get filled with the Christmas spirit this time of the year, and these Christmas romances are perfect for relaxing after all the bits and bobs that we all need to do this season - baking, cleaning, shopping, wrapping, etc.They are short little bursts of happy festiveness, and go well with peppermint mochas.

Author: RaeAnne Thayne
Source: NetGalley

I downloaded four holiday romances from NetGalley, and this was the one I wanted to read first, simply because that cover really appeals to me. I would love to go to a cabin in the winter and hunker down, safe and warm, and see trees covered in snow for miles. But I digress.

The heroine of the book is the local bad girl Genevieve- a slight twist on the usual bad boy. The hero Dylan is from a beloved family, and a wounded veteran to boot. When the two are thrown together, they learn that people are not always what they seem on the surface, as well as learning more about themselves. I really loved this one! It definitely lived up to my expectations.

Author: Susan Mallery
Source: NetGalley

This book was cute, but I didn't like it quite as much as Snowflake Canyon. The main character, Noelle, is the local proprietor of a Christmas store in a small town. Gabriel is an army doctor, who is haunted by what he has seen. He takes a job at Noelle's store while he is in town for the holidays visiting his family, and they soon realize they are attracted to each other. They get trapped in a cabin during a snowstorm, and my favorite part, rescued two mother cats with kittens that were living in the woods during a blizzard! My little animal rescue loving heart loved that!

But there felt like something was missing - all the elements were there to make this story perfect, but it felt a little flat to me. However, I still enjoyed it.

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