Friday, October 18, 2013

Random 5 Friday

Random 5 Friday is hosted by Nancy at Rural Journal

1. We have had some lovely autumn days, and my husband and I took advantage. We first picked the apples from our apple tree. There are tons! We only picked half the apples so far. The good ones we kept, the ones we can't eat we are giving to the deer that live nearby. Mavis also helped me out with how to store apples for the winter!

2. This is the little stray cat I am currently feeding. I am totally in love with her. I have named her Rosie, since she hangs out and eats near my rose bushes. It's also a cheery name, and she needs one. She has such a great outgoing personality and is so sweet and loving.

3.  Billy and I also went to the apple orchard to look for our pumpkins. We had fun traipsing through the orchards, eating apples, drinking cider, and devouring cinnamon doughnuts.

4.  My friend had a psychic night. I had a great time, hanging out with my friends, discussing our readings. The psychic, a friend of a friend, is so intuitive about people, and one of the nicest people ever.

5.  I had a disastourous day on campus yesterday. I am rethinking my decision, not about going back to school, but maybe this particular program. I have been doing some soul searching y'all!


  1. Oh I love Rosie in the pumpkins and those donuts sound delicious to me:)
    I went to a psychic once it was entertaining just enjoy it for what it is entertainment and spending time with your friend.
    I am sorry you had a bad day but they always come and go there are always better days right behind them. Take care. B

    1. Thanks B. :)

      I loved the psychic night, it was a great time. :) Rosie is such a sweetie too!

    2. You have made me rethink everything, in a more positive way. Thank you. :)

  2. Oh, since she hangs out by the roses, she's practically yours anyway! Just leave the door open one day ;)

  3. Rosie suits so well to this beautiful cat! Oh enjoy the apples ... Your Picture reminds me of my childhood and the apple harvest in the garden - lovely memories :)
    Happy weekend to you!

  4. Great photos for the season. We still need to go pick out pumpkins. Those donuts sound so yummy.
    I've never been apple picking but how great to have your own tree.
    Loved your kitty video, what a cutie pie.
    Sorry to hear that your campus experience wasn't the greatest. Best of luck on your decision.

  5. those are great looking apples and the pumpkins almost perfect in shape. donuts...haven't had one in donkey's glad they aren't anywhere near me or I'd be eating 'em tomorrow. visiting via a rural journal.

  6. Going back to school is all about discovery and discovering yourself. Don't be afraid to try something different. Yummy apples.

  7. Love how you've chosen to celebrate Autumn -- the apples look delicious and the visit to the pumpkin patch sounds like so much fun.
    Sorry you had a bad day -- I tend to react too quickly to situations like this and regret later -- hope you are able to achieve a happy medium. xo

  8. I am going back to school as well. Parts of it are very difficult and parts are wonderful. I hope you are having better days now...and enjoying your weekend.

  9. Aww, hello kitten! :D

    Soul searching is good, you never know where it may lead you!


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