Saturday, October 12, 2013

Note to Self: Relax

For me, this is way easier said then done. I have been such a little stressball lately that Billy told me go do something enjoyable for myself. So I decided to get a green science facial from Tantra Spa in Ferndale. It was part of their October specials, so it was even at a great price.

Trying to make the appointment was frustrating, there was a lot of misunderstanding, but we finally connected, and I made my appointment for today at 10:30. Then, yesterday I get a call confirming my appt. for 9:30. When I called back after work to tell them this was incorrect, they were closed. So, I woke my butt up early to get there on time - to walk in and be told my appointment was at 10:30, as I had originally scheduled. I was peeved, to say the least. Especially as I am not a morning person. And the lady behind the counter was kind of dismissive and know-it-all, saying that she didn't think so when I told her about the voice mail. I was like, no, really, that message was left for me. She was pretty unhelpful, and I told her I would be back in an hour then. Billy and I walked around downtown Ferndale until it was time to head back.

This time, everyone there was super nice. The lady I spoke with earlier wasn't there, and the two people I did encounter were very friendly and helpful. It turned the whole appointment around. The woman's name who who did my facial was Heather, and she made me feel comfortable right away. The room was very hippie boho, just my style, and I had to don a terry cloth wrap, then hop into a bed with a heated blanket - very comfy. When she started working on my face, I was very tense though - I am not used to that and could not relax! I had the hardest time staying still. Other than my own inability to let go, the facial itself was very nice, and my face so smooth and soft. I particularly liked the hot stones. The cold stone was very unusual feeling, and almost unpleasant. That didn't take long though, and it was back to the rest of the facial. She also massaged my feet, hands, shoulders and head, and for those I did manage to relax.

When I left, I left feeling like a sleepy cat, pretty relaxed and smelling heavily of patchouli. (my choice of scents) I would totally do it again, and even go back to Tantra, despite all the scheduling mishaps. Every other time I have been there, there have been no issues, so I am hoping this was a one off. It was worth it in the end, to get a little less tense and with my skin so silky smooth and clean feeling. Next time I plan to try the aromatherapy facial. And I will make a note to myself to relax!

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