Friday, March 29, 2013

March Book Club

Hostess: Jill
Book: History of a Pleasure Seeker by Richard Mason
Food:  Veggie Pizza and New York White Pizza, veggie tray with dip, artichoke dip and chips, Caesar Salad, huge cupcakes from Just Baked (coconut, almond, german chocolate, Grumpy Cake, samoa, rocky road)
Month: March
Wine of the Night: Apothic Red

As usual, we gathered around the table of food while we waited for everyone to get there - Chrissy claiming the broccoli from the veggie tray, while I scarfed down the carrots. I am pretty sure Jill cut up extra carrots since she knew I was coming and I love carrots so much. 

We sat around eating pizza, sharing any news that we have - Billy got a new job, Chrissy got a 97% on her 22 page paper she wrote for her Masters class, Kelly went to Kindergarten round up with her daughter, Mary's bathroom broke, Jill started her classes at the hospital. This is always the best part of book club, catching up with all our friend's lives. Alyssa and Jennifer couldn't make it; Alyssa had an eye injury and Jennifer had a school function with her son.

We had an interesting book discussion this month - Jill and I were the only ones who read the book, and we had a completely different opinion of Piet and the book itself.  Is this book erotic or homoerotic or is there even a difference? Is Piet really a hedonist, or do things just happen to him that he goes along with apathetically? We talked about Egbert and Maarten and how OCD must have been confusing and scary by the people back then, and misunderstood.

From here the conversation took a turn - from the book to Supernatural and Sam and Dean Winchester. We talked about them for a long time, and Chrissy and I are the ones who have seen it. I am only on Season 5, Chrissy is on Season 8, and we talked about our favorite character (Dean!) and tried to convince everyone to watch this as well. By showing them multiple photos of the two characters. We were all reduced to giggling girls at a sleepover; gone was any intellectualism that we may have had earlier. But that is ok too, we are all these things. We can be mothers and educators and students and serious and silly and all those other things that we are, and its best when you can be all those things in front of friends. 

This Public Service Announcement is brought to you by Dean..

Next month is Jennifer's month. I will let you know what we are reading when I find out!


  1. Book club was friggin' awesome this month. I woke up humming the song in that David Beckham commercial:) Also I'm going to set out to watch my 1st episode of Supernatural this wknd:D

    1. Lol! That is a great commercial! And I can't wait to hear what you think of Supernatural! :)

  2. Congrats to Billy on a new job :) And to Chrissy's 97 percent too!

    1. Thanks! I missed you there!! Did you read this book? What did you think?


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