Wednesday, December 10, 2014

My Great Big Christmas Movie List

I am a creature of habit, and tradition. One thing I love to do every year is watch all my favorite holiday movies, and the list seems to grow every year. Many of them are beloved from my childhood, when I would watch them with my little brother and my cousins.

Here are my top favorites!

Love Actually - I have some serious actual love for this movie. I can watch it over and over, any time of the year, and it never gets old to me. My very favorite of them all. Also, my favorite carol is sung in this movie - Good King Wenceslas.

Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas - I remember going to my cousin's house when this movie first aired to watch it. We were so excited! I still really enjoy it, even with all the long songs. 

A Garfield Christmas - Another holdover from my youth. This is a particular favorite of my brother's and mine. And the grandma in it reminds me of my own grandma. Lol.

The Muppet Christmas Carol - I totally love this movie. "Come in, and get to know me better man." Plus another movie that includes my favorite carol, Good King Wenceslas. 

Christmas Eve on Sesame Street - Wow this movie goes way back for me, all the way to when I was 3! I also had the record which I listened to every Christmas Eve when I went to sleep. I watched it already this year, and it made me all teary! 

White Christmas - I remember watching this for the first time with my mom, and loving it. It's a must watch every year.

A Charlie Brown Christmas - I love this movie! I always have. 

Chevy Chase Christmas Vacation - SQUIRRRELL!!!!! This movie cracks me up, but also has its tender moments as well.

Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas - I am a Disney girl, growing up with all things Disney. It never goes away!

It's a Wonderful Life - No list is complete without this movie. It's the most classic holiday movie of them all, in my opinion. Now that I am older though, it makes me cry! 
"No man is a failure who has friends."

Bonus: New Years Movie!

The Big Year: Such a good movie!! I absolutely love it. 

So what about you guys? What are your traditional favorites?


  1. Great picks. Love Actually is great - such a fabulous cast, and it is very re- watchable. And Jug Band Christmas- what a blast from the past. Didn't that used to be on HBO? That and Fraggle Rock... wow, memories. I'm of course a big White Christmas fan.

    1. Yes! Jug Band originally aired on HBO - in 1978! Yikes! I was 3, same year as Sesame Street apparently. I remember it was on HBO because that is why we went to my cousin's house. She had HBO and we didn't. :)


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