Saturday, December 27, 2014

It's a Wrap!

With our four days of celebrating coming to a close, I am filled with happiness when I think about how those days have been spent. Our holidays are always so full of laughter and happiness, houses crammed full of the people I love, and every year our celebrations grow as more and more people enter the family, through marriage, friendship, and now through the influx of babies being born. My cousin and his wife just had a baby in October, and my other cousin is pregnant and due in January, while I am due in April. Next Christmas will be busier than ever, with all of our little boys running around.

It will certainly be a different Christmas for my husband and I. We have been together 20 years, 14 of them married, and our Christmas mornings are about to change from quiet and peaceful and slow, to something entirely different! We are of course ecstatic about the upcoming changes, and how much fun and love this little guy is going to bring into our lives. We may be a twosome now, but we will be even better when we become three.

This Christmas was sentimental, joyous, full of cheer and all those emotions we hear about in Christmas carols. The only thing missing was the snow! Hopefully next year we have a white Christmas, for my baby's first, but even if there isn't snow, I know that as long as the holiday is as filled with love and joy as this one and all the ones before, then it will be a perfect first Christmas.


  1. Glad to hear your holiday was great and you have bright new changes coming your way.

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas time! It's great to be around family-- I miss having no one around out here where we live now, except the 4 of us. We did have a pleasant few days though. You are in for a major lifestyle change next Christmas so I'm glad you are anticipating all the ways your lives will change, for the better :) And your little boy will have cousins around his age to play with, what fun!

    1. I love my crazy family. Sometimes it can feel like a chore, having so much running around to do at Christmas, but it really is a blessing to have so many loved ones near to share it with. Next year is going to be so different! Lol!! I am excited for my son to have his cousins to play with as well, another blessing. :)

  3. Ah, written so beautifully. I'm glad you and your family had a wonderful Christmas. Regarding next Christmas for you and your husband, Christmas Day is made just a little bit more magical when waking up with a child to share in it.
    Bits & Bobs

  4. (I'm obviously catching up on your posts! ;)) For some reason this post brought tears to my eyes. I've always envied how close your family is (both geographically and emotionally) and now you are adding to that closeness with the next generation of cousins!
    Enjoy the quiet time as a twosome, for better or worse it will come to an end for at least 18-20 years...someone told me that when I was first pregnant and I had no idea how true those words were. Even when we do get the occasional date night (which I'm guessing you two will have plenty more opportunities since you'll be surrounded by more than enough willing sitters ;)), we end up talking about the babes :) Your lives will certainly be richer and weathering the inevitable storms that come with parenting only brings you closer and deepens your connection and love for each other!
    We hope to make it up there for the holiday this year, so hopefully it is a white christmas (but not like the year before last!) for the babes. Looking forward to meeting your little man! :)

    1. Aw you tearing up over my post made me tear up! These crazy hormones. I think my family is the number one reason I never left the area. Remember my dreams of taking off for the wild blue yonder? Lol. I just can't leave this crazy family of mine, unless they all decide to relocate to wherever I move. My brother and his wife and Billy and I have an actual pact that we will really try to do that, if that were to occur. :)

      I feel one advantage to having had to wait for so long to have a child is that we have a lot of years together, the two of us under our belt, and while we still love it, we are welcoming this change with open arms and hearts. We got a lot out of the way, and now our adventures will include one more, and we are so excited. Now all our travels and experiences will be shared with our child, and we can't really imagine anything better! I am sure you will be hearing from me after he is born though, with pleas for advice! Lol.

      It would be amazing to see you all of you at Christmas! And yes, hopefully the weather is not all crazy polar vortex of 2013, with 20 inches of snow and -20 wind chills! Your little Texans wouldn't know what hit them! :) But we could show them how to have fun in the arctic! Lol.


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