Thursday, October 23, 2014

It's a boy!

Things for us run rather unorthodox, and have from the start of this journey. That being said, our phone rang yesterday morning around 9 am, while I was making my breakfast and the husband was running around, trying to get ready for work on time.
It was the doctor's office. Our results were in.
Due to my age, I had to take a test called the MaterniT21 test. Well, I didn't have to, it was recommended but our choice. We chose to take it, and I had been biting my fingernails over the results for days now.
But the wait was finally over. The nurse on the other line told me everything came back negative, which always sounds bad but isn't, then asked if we wanted to know the gender.
Heck yes we wanted to know! She checked to make sure we were sure, then revealed - it's a boy! You could have knocked me over with a feather! I was totally convinced I was having a girl. I am happy with either gender, of course, but I was thinking it was a girl, as was everyone else we know. This kid just keeps on surprising us.
But now, I feel like I have no idea what I am doing. With a girl, I felt more confident, mainly because, well, I was a little girl once. I know what to do with a girl. But a boy? That is traveling into unknown territory!
But I guess really, when you get down to it, as a parent I will be doing the same things with either a boy or a girl. Loving them, supporting them, showing them the wonder of this world, teaching them to love the world around us and our fellow man and all the little creatures too.
I recently read this and it struck something deep within me.
That is really what is important. The rest will come easy, after that.  
And I just can't wait to meet my little guy.


  1. Ah, I didn't know you was expecting - congratulations! I'm sure your abuzz with excitement.

    I have a little boy also, he is nearly a year old now, and I kind of feel like having a girl would be a lot more work than he is - not to say he isn't a lot of work. Haha! People always said to me whilst pregnant, boys are easier to parent. We'll see how that goes as he gets older!

    To me it's weird when a lot of people say what gender they think they're having because in the early stages of pregnancy I really didn't feel a specific one. A lot of my friends and family thought I would be having a boy though, mostly because I was carrying low - old wives tales eh.

    Ah, I wish you all the best on this wonderful journey you and your partner are embarking on.
    Bits & Bobs

    1. Thanks Jade! We are super excited over here!

      I have heard that too, a lot recently! We shall see right? Lol.

      Everyone I know thought I was having a girl, I don't know why. I don't know why I thought it either! I did read a scientific study though, that said that like 70% of expectant mothers who have a gut feeling as to the gender of their baby are correct! It was weird! I was not in that percentage apparently. Lol.

      Thanks again Jade! :)

  2. I found this blog through your other, Quixotic Magpie. Congrats on your upcoming little baby boy-- how wonderful! You look so youthful in all your photos that I assumed you were in your 20's, but I guess not if they are testing you now. So congrats on your youthful looks too :)

  3. Glad to see I get to read about this journey! :) I was completely wrong about both mine and didn't find out until the birth date since we much for maternal instinct ;) I actually thought when I was pregnant with S that it would be easier to raise a boy since I know what kind of man I would want to raise, but with a girl I thought "I still haven't figured out how to navigate the land mines that our society puts before us! How am I going to help a little girl grow up in this crazy sexist world?!" What I have realized is that there is no better motivation in this world to become completely comfortable in your own skin and radiate self-love than realizing that you are the example for your children on how to love and accept themselves just as they are! My babes have helped me grow into someone who is more self-confident and self-loving than I ever thought possible. I always say that our babes come here to teach us how to be our best selves...if we let them. :) So excited for you!!

    1. Lol! I should start taking a poll. I would be curious how many women really did know. :) That is a great statement, that they are here to teach us to be our best selves - so true! I think my biggest worry is, how to teach compassion? And everyone has told me that the answer is by example, and they are so right, and I see that echoed in your response as well. I watched my mother time and again help other people. She is so generous of spirit, and I grew up with her as my example.


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