Friday, October 17, 2014

A Visit to the Apple Orchard

Last Saturday was one of those glorious fall days - warm, but not too warm, a slight breeze, and sunny. You could wear fall clothes without being uncomfortable. So my hubs and I layered up in our flannel shirts and headed to the orchard and cider mill. 

This is a big time of the year in Michigan. Cider mills compete for your business, and there are so many orchards and mills to choose from. Lists of "the best" orchards are listed in every publication, print and online. My family started patronizing a particular orchard/cider mill when I was just a little tiny girl, but over the years, it has become too commercialized for me. They have vendors, booths, bounce houses, a band, among other things. Another local cider mill even charges $20 before you even get in! They have a haunted house and a bunch of attractions, in addition to the orchard itself. Not for us. So for the past few years, we have been searching for that perfect orchard. One that is peaceful, that has an orchard, cider mill, pumpkins, and of course doughnuts, but without the hoopla and fanfare. And this year, we finally found it. 

This place finally had the country charm we were hoping for. All the good stuff, just the simple pleasure of just visiting the orchard.

After exclaiming over the vast variety of colors on the porch (well I did), we wandered back into the orchard.

How could we not keep going? So we did.

And found pumpkins hanging out in their field.
After poking around a bit, we decided it was doughnut time, and headed back to the storefront.
We finished our visit by enjoying a delicious doughnut and a cup of warm coffee. Dale Cooper would be proud! We are going to be visiting again really soon, as we bought a bag of apples, but decided it was too early to purchase pumpkins. I am looking forward to our return trip! (and another doughnut.)

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  1. It looks wonderful - the first image you included is beautiful! So much colour. Yay for finding your perfect apple orchard.
    Bits & Bobs

    1. Thank you! It's definitely my perfect orchard.


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