Friday, August 1, 2014

July Book Club

Hostess: Kelly
Book: Bitter Spirits 
Food: Leek Lemon Linguine, Spinach orzo salad, veggies and dip, baguette and olive spread, homemade strawberry shortcake
Wine of the Night: Sangria!

Book club night was one of those gorgeous summer nights, not too hot, not too cold, just enough breeze floating through the windows to keep you from being uncomfortable. We all gathered together at Kelly's, ready to kick back and relax with friends. It had been a rough week for just about all of us, and the thought of sharing a glass of sangria or two, dishing about our lives, and taking a beat to just chill sounded like one of the best things ever.

We started by filling our plates to the brim with the food Kelly made. She cooked her heart out last night, and the food was amazing. I am not the best food photographer, but I tried to grab a few shots.

Jill and Chrissy also showed up all matchy-matchy in their summery outfits of yellow and white striped shirts with shoulder buttons, jeans, and beige flats. 

 Food on our laps, we started chatting about what has been going on. Jill started her new job as a Respiratory Therapist at a nearby hospital, and she let us know how it is going. I talked about Billy's car being set on fire by neighborhood fireworks and my mom's knee replacement surgery, while Mary talked about her kids. Chrissy talked about her upcoming trip overseas, and Kelly took us on a tour of her newly finished basement. I really need to do a post on it, she could seriously be an interior decorator. We did miss our friends Alyssa who had to work, and Jennifer who had caught a summer cold.

After catching up, our chatter turned to the book. Kelly had chosen this book for its lightness, knowing that summertime is busy for us all. We all liked this book, and found it perfect for July. It had romance and supernatural aspects, and the main characters were interesting and not totally shallow.

Inevitably, talk turned to other things. In this case, we began talking about the Bravo show Southern Charm and a major birthday coming up for me in a year or two. We put together a plan to take a girl's trip, and are considering Charleston. Has anyone been there? Any recommendations?

Overall, it was a fantastic evening, and as the room grew darker, we realized we needed to pack it up and head home. We are skipping August due to various vacations, and then we are having a two book club month in September, only two weeks apart! Chrissy is picking The Weirdness, and Mary is picking The Beekeeper's Ball. Should be fun!


  1. Glad you had a fun time! My book club unfortunately meets in a Starbucks and is rather small due to poor attendance, so I don't know if I will continue with this one. Curious about your book choice, haven't heard of it. Will check it out further.

    1. Thanks!! Aw, I am sorry to hear that! We are all a group of friends who were friends before book club; we are a little unorthodox but we do read books every month and talk about them, it is just not always the main focal point. But it's fun and we do read. :) I recommend this type of book club actually. ;) Lol.

      It's a pretty quick and fun read, very light and breezy. A typical romance with some supernatural elements thrown into the mix. :)


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