Friday, January 31, 2014

January Book Club

Hostess: Kelly
Book: Easy by Tammara Webber
Food: Salad, Flat bread pizza with white sauce, green olives and black olives, chocolate-cream cheese cupcakes
Month: January
Wine of the Night: Apothic Red

The weather this winter has been crazy, but it seemed to have let up just enough to allow us to have book club. The temperature was cold but not in the negatives, and the snow had momentarily taken a break.

We trickled in, one by one, leaving our shoes by the door, grabbing a glass of wine, and choosing a seat in Kelly's living room. The living room at her house gives a feeling of a warm cave, with its thick walls and drawn curtains. It is cozy and safe feeling, and I curled into my spot on the couch immediately.

Mary was not in attendance, due to the miracle of birth! Our pregnant friend had her baby a week before, so of course could not make it to book club. I got to visit the munchkin, and he is super adorable!

Meet Baby Will!

Mary did call in, and talked to everyone for a minute via speakerphone about her thoughts on the book. 

After stuffing our faces, we got down to business. This book was New Adult, so it was on the young side for us, but we still enjoyed it. It definitely has a message, and I feel part of its mission is to educate and inform. Right away, in the first few pages of the book, the main character is nearly raped by someone she knows. The rest of the book is how she deals with it. She also has a love interest, who at first is everywhere and is creepy, but he really is a good guy. Anyway, the book is a quick and easy read, and could be used as a discussion opener regarding rape. 

While we sat in our little cave, the snow had started to fall again. We didn't know it, sitting in the closed up room, drinking wine and talking. When Kelly's husband came home with their five-year old daughter, he let us know that the roads were getting bad. Jennifer lives a bit further away, so she took off because of the weather. The rest of us hung out a bit longer, reluctant for the night to end. It has been hard to be cooped up, it was nice to get out and relax. Kelly's daughter wanted to join out book club, and brought out her Sammy the Seal book. I ended up reading it to her, because I love Syd Hoff and I actually wanted to read it again. Lol. After that, we wrapped up for the night, and all headed home, safe and sound. 

Next month is Mary's month. 


  1. I'm partial to babies named Will. The food sounds scrumptious! Rape not my favorite topic. Sounds like the night was a win all the way though.

    1. He's a cutie! We had a great time. :) And I agree with you.


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