Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mini Book Review: Candlelight Christmas

Title: Candlelight Christmas
Author: Susan Wiggs
Source: NetGalley

Goodreads Summary:

A single father who yearns to be a family man, Logan O'Donnell is determined to create the perfect Christmas for his son, Charlie. The entire O'Donnell clan arrives to spend the holidays in Avalon, a postcard-pretty town on the shores of Willow Lake, a place for the family to reconnect and rediscover the special gifts of the season.

One of the guests is a newcomer to Willow Lake— Darcy Fitzgerald. Sharp-witted, independent and intent on guarding her heart, she's the last person Logan can see himself falling for. And Darcy is convinced that a relationship is the last thing she needs this Christmas.

Yet between the snowy silence of the winter woods, and toasty moments by a crackling fire, their two lonely hearts collide. The magic of the season brings them each a gift neither ever expected—a love to last a lifetime.

My Thoughts:

When I first started reading this book, I wasn't sure if I was going to like it. I didn't like the main male protagonist, Logan O'Donnell, very much at all in the beginning. He was working for a summer camp, and his son Charlie was staying at the camp as well. Aft first, it seemed like Logan was disappointed in his kid, for being to afraid to zip line. My reaction was "What a jerk!" And it was summer, so how could this be a Christmas book, at least in upstate New York?

Well, it turned out to be just the set up for the rest of the story, which I felt just kept getting better. Logan is a divorced father, a former top athlete, and adventurer. He meets Darcy, who is a pro athlete superstar and model, and when they meet it is not quite love at first sight, but there is definite interest. Darcy is good friends with Logan's sister, and is invited to spend the holidays with O'Donnell clan. Darcy and Logan are thrown together, and sparks soon fly. They each have a bit to learn about the other, as their personal pasts, situations, and hang ups threaten to doom their budding relationship.

I could have sighed with contentment when Christmas finally arrived! An old ski lodge, a blizzard that snows people in, and hot chocolate. I am a sucker for this story line (and I am actually reading another book that uses this same tried and true romance novel plot device right now!), and Candlelight Christmas did not let me down.

This book is perfect for getting into the holiday spirit and for snuggling up with under a blanket, hot chocolate in hand. A yummy sounding recipe for cocoa is even included!


  1. I liked this book. Though it is a little saccharine it is kind of perfect for this time of year. I want to try that hot cocoa recipe too :)

    I also read Christmas in Snowflake Canyon by RaeAnne Thayne which had a similar feel but I liked it a little more.

    1. I think Christmas in Snowflake Canyon is my favorite Christmas book so far this year! I read about all of them on your blog. ;)

      I really didn't like this at first, but then I warmed to the characters. Although Logan was a bit too good to be true! :)


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