Tuesday, June 4, 2013

May Book Club

Hostess: Chrissy
Book: Into the Darkest Corner by Elizabeth Hayes
Food:  Lemon Pasta Salad, Veggies and dip, cucumber and feta salad, cheese and crackers, crescent rolls- and homemade ice cream, chocolate and strawberry.
Month: May
Wine of the Night:

Chrissy’s house is a burst of color in summery colors, yellow and grass green.  Cheery and bright, perfect for a spring book club meeting. She had her Fiestaware bowls lined up on the counter, all ready to be filled with her homemade ice cream, and it was so visually appealing, with the colors and the line, I had to take a picture.  I wish I would have remembered to get one of the ice cream!

I arrived first to see if Chrissy needed any help (because I am such a good sister-in-law lol) but she had everything under control. As everyone trickled in and relaxed, we started with the food.

I think I ate my weight at book club that night. That lemon pasta salad was amazing, and I could have eaten it all day.  I am a fan of anything lemon flavored, and lemon pasta in the spring can’t be beat. And the ice cream – so rich and creamy. My favorite was the chocolate, but the strawberry had chunks of real strawberries in it. Jill made the set up her own little TCBY, and added every topping to her ice cream. 

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Chrissy and I were the only ones who had finished the book this month, and we had loved it.  Mary is right in the middle of it, and is loving it as well. If you are interested, here is my review

Conversation eventually turned into the normal conversations that happen at our book clubs. Alyssa brought up a few funny anecdotes from my past as well.  We talked about other books we were reading, about what was happening in our lives, and I mentioned how I have certain book types for all my friends. Some overlap, but I have certain kinds that I recommend to them all.  With Alyssa, if a book is crazy or twisted, I tell her about it. With Chrissy, I can go that way too, and I also tell her about thrillers that she might like. Jill, if I read anything that is literary or British, that is what I tell her. Mary and Kelly, romance novels and contemporary writers. Jennifer, memoirs, books about farming, and the outdoors is what we have in reading common. I am sure I drive them crazy, but at the same time, I love when they tell me about a book that I would love. Because I normally do love it.  I feel like if you know someone well enough to recommend a book to them and have them like it, then you really know that person. I feel like we all know each other that well, and I feel like this a testimony to our friendship.

June is Kelly’s month, I am looking forward to reading what she picks!


  1. You guys have the coolest book club! I'm totally going to check out that lemon pasta. Mmm :)

  2. Sounds like a great evening, but isn't it difficult to have a good discussion of a thriller when only two of you have read it? That pasta salad looks wonderful, definitely stealing the recipe!

    1. This book club is more of an excuse for us friends to get together and eat and have a glass of wine and unwind with each other. The book is important but if someone doesn't get to the book that is fine. Other times, everyone has read the book and we talk about it. It is very low pressure.


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