Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday - The Top Ten Bookish People You Would Want to Meet (authors, bloggers, etc)

There are quite a few authors that I would like to meet if they were still around. I wasn't sure they counted for this today, so I am just mentioning them really quickly here. They are Dorothy Parker, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jack Kerouac, The Bronte Sisters, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Dylan Thomas, and Shakespeare.  But, I am sticking to authors that maybe I have a small chance of meeting one day. :)

Stephen King 

Stephen King always addresses his fans in his books as Dear Constant  Reader.  I am definitely one of his constant readers.  I have been reading him since middle school, and I have to read every new book when it comes out. He would be a cool guy to grab a beer with at a local bar.

John Irving

I love his writing style, and the surprises that he has for his readers in his books, and how everything works together somehow.

Carol Goodman

I just love her writing and how she integrates folklore into modern day settings. She is definitely a person you would get coffee with at a coffee house, and talk about old stories and books and authors.

Gillian Flynn

This is a new author to me this summer, but I love her books! I love how she writes women characters.  And then when I read her "For Readers" section on her website, it just made me like her more, for going somewhere not very many writers do.

Pat Conroy

I could not write this without including Mr. Conroy. I say a lot about him and his work here. It would be cool to hang out with him drinking sweet tea on a porch in South Carolina.

Cheryl Strayed

Another new writer for me. I am not sure I would want to meet her for a hike, but maybe. Lol.

Kim Harrison

The Hollows is such a fun series!  Usually around this point in a series, they start to not be as good. However, I think this series just gets better!

Pam Houston

She just seems like she would have some great sitting around the fire stories. I love her short stories. And that she loves dogs as much as me.  Maybe Pam, Cheryl Strayed and I could go hiking. That would be a pretty awesome trip.

Bill Bryson

Hiking made me think of this guy. I would love to meet him, he seems like he would be so affable and friendly.  His book, A  Walk in the Woods, really got me started reading books in that genre , and sparked my own interest in trails.

Alice Hoffman

Alice Hoffman would be so cool to meet and hang out with. I feel she would be a great conversationalist and would just be kind of boho.  I really don't know why I think that, but she would be cool to hang out with drinking wine and handing out Halloween candy.


  1. Yay - glad to see another Stephen King fan. I would love to be in his presence while he's writing, to see how his mind works :-)

    Tanya Patrice

  2. Great list of writers. I'm a fan of Alice Hoffman, too, ever since I read Turtle Moon.

  3. No hiking with Strayed for me either, but I would like to meet her ;) Stephen King, you just know he's got a great process..it would be neat to see the man at work!

  4. Wish I had the courage to read more than Carrie from Stephen King - too much of a scaredy cat! haha


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