Sunday, September 30, 2012

September Book Club - Wild

Hostess: Jennifer
Book: Wild by Cheryl Strayed
Food: Salad, personal pizzas with zucchini and mushrooms, a take on Smore's for dessert
Wine of the Night:  Apothic Red
Month: September

Jennifer and I were the only ones who read the book; it was just too hard for everyone to get this month, with a huge wait at the library.  I had bought the book months ago, and I immediately loaned it to Jennifer - I knew she would really love it too.  I think everyone is planning on reading this though, when they get the chance.  My review of the book is here

When I loaned the book to Jennifer, I put a card inside, with my thoughts and questions.  I sealed it, and asked her to read and respond after she had finished the book.   I had asked her which books she would send to herself, if she were hiking for months and like Cheryl, mailing herself books.  Jennifer said she would choose books that she had never read before,  so she could sink into a new book at night and escape the hardships faced on the trail.  We also talked about how Cheryl went off the rails end when her mother died; drug use, cheating on her super nice husband, drinking. Some of these old habits were packed up with her when she hit the trail, but by the end of her walk, she found she didn't need them anymore, and left them behind as she walked.

Next month, we are taking a page from what Sheila at Book Journey did one month - a book exchange.  We are all going to pick a book that we think is awesome and we think someone should read, put a little note inside about why it is so awesome, then wrap it up.  We are going to white elephant it too.  Also, we are making it pot luck, with everyone bringing a dish.  It will be an interesting departure for a month, and I am looking forward to it.  And deciding which book I want to pick! 

What book would you bring, if you were going to a book exchange?

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