Thursday, July 24, 2014

Playing Hooky

I have been away on a little vacation to Michigan's Upper Peninsula with my hubs. I went once when I was in high school, and considering attending Northern University, but that was a little bit of time ago. That time, my dad was the one who drove across the Mackinac Bridge, not me. This time, it was me. I have a huge fear of heights that extends to bridges, and the Mackinac Bridge is no joke, yo. 

It is the longest suspension bridge in the Western hemisphere at 5 miles, and at its peak is 200 feet about the water. It gets windy up there too. I remember when I was younger, a Yugo tragically blew over the side with a woman in it. Now there are transports on windy days that escort cars over. We decided that it would be easier for me to drive across than be the passenger; I would have something to concentrate on rather than just looking at the water below. I white knuckled it all the way across, but I did it! 

An hour and a half later, we reached our destination - the cutest little cabin ever! I am a city girl at heart, and I was freaked out by the thought of staying in an isolated cabin, so I found this one that was part of a campground and cabin place called Northlands Outfitters. It turned out to be a wonderfully peaceful spot on the Manistique River. I loved it there! I haven't been so relaxed in a while as I was there. 

I also learned that I had forgotten my camera's memory card at home! It turned out to be a blessing, because I think I connected more with the moment, with my husband and with nature much more than I would have from behind my camera.

Northland Outfitters was great, and really has it all. Rustic cabins, campsites, a deluxe cabin (ours), kayaking, biking, and a very friendly staff.  We spent one gorgeous morning kayaking. We plan on going there again, and that time, we will take full advantage of the easy kayaking, and kayak every morning.

We were also centrally located to the Seney Wildlife Refuge and Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, where we hiked around and tried unsuccessfully to avoid mosquitoes.

I had an amazing trip, which was stress-free and restorative. The UP is pristine and peaceful in its wildness. I saw a few rare/uncommon birds - the Scarlet Tanager, Short-eared Owl, and the American Bittern. We didn't have much internet access nor did we have phone service most of the time, so we were completely unplugged.  

I even gave my hair a break from the hair dryer!

My friend told me I look very content here. I was, she was right. I played hooky from everything, and it was amazing.

This is a trip I would definitely take again in a heartbeat, even with the bridge crossing. 


  1. This looks SOOOO amazing and like a getaway I'd love to take! Thanks for sharing it with us!

    1. Definitely! I am glad you enjoyed reading it! If you like wild country, you would love the UP> :)

  2. Great pics, looks like a fabulous vacation. The UP is so beautiful. We like to kayak too, but never have up there.

    I'm with ya on the bridge, I've been over it a few times and I get a little nervous if it's windy!

    1. That bridge! It seems so narrow and high, eek! Lol.

      Thanks! We had a blast! The kayaking there was so different from where we usually go - it was so serene, and we were the only people on the river at the time we went. :)


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