Thursday, July 3, 2014

Eastern Market Mornings

Summer ~ a magical time of the year in my mind. The world is lush and full of life.  In the summer you will find me traipsing local art fairs, wearing cut off shorts and running around barefoot, swimming, and enjoying as much time as I can outside.  I also like to take advantage of all the fruit that is readily around me.

One of the best parts of summer is the abundant availability of fresh fruits and vegetables. The premier destination in Detroit and the surrounding area, in my opinion, is Eastern Market.

You may not know that Detroit is laid out hub and spoke style (like a wheel), with a main central park, or circus, with main roads shooting off like spokes.  I have heard that this was developed for farmers, that their farms would be along one of the main spokes and they could just follow it straight to the center for the market. I am not sure if this is true or not, but I like the idea of it. 

Detroit's Eastern Market has been in business in its present location since 1891. It is funny to think as I walk about it, perusing the local harvests at my fingertips, that it existed 122 years ago, providing the same service. Nowadays the produce is delivered by truck, when originally it would have been horse drawn carts. But I guess it is all considered horsepower - we are the motor city after all. (excuse the bad pun!)

When my husband and I head down, we always pop in to Astoria Bakery in Greektown for a coffee and a pastry.

My favorite is the Strawberry Danish.

Full up on sugar and caffeine, we wander about the riot of color, smell, and sound. 

And when we get hungry again, there are a plethora of food choices, between the restaurants that ring the market, the food vendors under the sheds such as The People's Pierogi and Good Girls Go To Paris, to the food trucks that pull up on the sidewalk right outside.I personally always opt for the food trucks,  and the two food trucks I like best: the Mac Shack and El Guapo. El Guapo has gourmet meat and vegetarian options with cool movie inspired names, and the Mac Shack changes the face of macaroni and cheese. It's not your average box of Kraft noodles and cheese, that is for sure. ( Although, there is nothing wrong with Kraft Mac)

My suggestion: The Aloha, Mr. Hand with tofu 
Billy's suggestion: The Pork Belly Confit

My suggestion: The Papa Smurf
Billy's suggestion: Cheech's Trip

One thing is for certain, Eastern Market is good for the soul, and for the stomach. 


  1. Mmm, that danish pastry looks absolutely delicious. Happy 4th of July :)

  2. Oh the veggies and herbs!!! My favorite. What beautiful pictures with such vibrant colors. I don't tend to hear positive things about Detroit....this is just beautiful. Every major city has its beauty and its problems, and sometimes we need to focus on the beauty. I think I'll take your lead and post some photos of my own from the past week.


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