Saturday, July 14, 2012

Thornyhold - Review

Title:  Thornyhold
Author: Mary Stewart
Source: Library

Goodreads Summary:

The story is about a lonely child who is made to see the world through her cousin's unusual eyes. When the child becomes a young woman, she inherits her dead cousin's house as well as her reputation among the local community as a witch. However, as she finds out, this is no normal community, and worries quickly present themselves.

My thoughts:

I read this during a terrible heat wave- I find I migrate to Gothic romance/mystery during the summer for some unknown reason.  Maybe it reminds me of The Secret Garden in some way. Or reading that book at my Aunt's house in the summer when I was little.  Anyway, I love to read books like this, while I am sitting in my air conditioned house and it is 95 degrees outside and climbing.  

Stewart reminds me of Barbara Michaels; she has a similar feel, in her story lines and actual writing.  Thornyhold was a perfect read the week I read it.  I had been knee deep in Gillian Flynn's books, which are good but very murky and intense.  It was a nice break, with its gentle story line and easy magic.   The mystery and suspense were minimal.  I had a hard  time personally with a few of the things that happened, regarding animals, yet none of the parts were so bad that I had to totally skip them. (as I had to recently in another book)  The end was predictable, but it was just the right time for this book for me.  I needed something simple and enjoyable, and this fit the bill exactly.  

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