Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Book Review: Home on Apple Blossom Road by Sheila Roberts

Title: Home on Apple Blossom Road (Icicle Falls series)
Author: Sheila Roberts
Source: Won! Contest from Robert's Facebook page

Goodreads Summary:

Home is where the love is… 

Colin Wright and Mia Blair grew up in Icicle Falls, but they left years ago—and not on good terms. Now Colin's grandmother, Justine, has died, and they've come home to honor this woman they both loved. That's when they get some unexpected news. They're about to inherit something. Jointly. They just have no idea what. It turns out that Justine's designed a treasure hunt for them, like the ones they enjoyed when they were kids and best friends. 

But they're not kids anymore, and they sure aren't best friends. As for that young love they once shared? Well…it's complicated. 

On the trail of Justine's treasure, they follow a series of clues that take them down memory lane—ending up at the orchard on Apple Blossom Road. What will they find there? And what did Justine know that they didn't?

My thoughts:

What a fun read! This was only my third visit to the fictional town of Icicle Falls (my previous visits were in her Christmas books) but I really enjoyed the trip.

Icicle Falls is a quaint little Bavarian style town, that thrives on its tourist trade. It reminds me of Michigan's own Frankenemuth, but more small town friendly. Everyone there knows and likes each other, and is always willing to lend each other a helping hand. So when Colin and Mia return to Icicle Falls for their Grandma Justine's funeral, and have to complete a scavenger hunt together to receive their inheritance, the whole town is in on it. However, the rules to the hunt and the prize have a few stipulations - that Colin and Mia solve it together, and that there can be no outside help, which gets a little tricky when Colin's girlfriend surprises him by showing up in town!

Colin and Mia are not really cousins - Mia was adopted into the family after her being abandoned by her father and her mother passed away. Which makes the resulting romance between the two not icky. Colin and Mia grew up close, were childhood sweethearts, then in college had a fight that drove them apart. It turns out that Grandma Justine had a bigger plans with her scavenger hunt, than just bringing back childhood memories. The hunt takes them all over the city, and through their memories - resulting in some serious soul searching and realizations.

This book was cute and sweet and I really enjoyed it. It is a delightful retreat from the stresses of life to sink into a feel good, feel happy book, and Home on Apple Blossom Road definitely is a feel good, feel happy book.


  1. I like the sound of this light read. I've had Better Than Chocolate on my TBR for about two years now. I better move that up.

    1. It's nice to kick back with something light and easy - the book version of having summery drinks with close friends.


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