Friday, January 1, 2016

First Book of the Year - 2016!

Wow, the first book of the year already! Where did 2015 go? This is a great meme hosted by Sheila at Book Journey every year, and I love it because it makes you think about what that special first book will be. I am a little late to the party but better late than never - especially if that party is anything like the one in the book I am reading...

This year I think mine is one of the best I have chosen!

After much deliberation, my first book of the year is an Agatha Christie book called And Then There Were None. I have never ever read an Agatha Christie book before, and I am looking forward to it! I watched the first episode of the mini-series of the same name and was hooked, and knew I had to read the book, which I am sure will be loads better!


  1. Great choice- love that cover! I think Agatha Christie is a good way to start the year- I've only read a little of her stuff but need to read more. Happy New Year!

    1. It is so good so far! Much more violent than I actually knew Christie was! We ended up watching the entire mini-series, which was outstanding. I am now on a British shows kick!

  2. This sounds like the perfect book to start the year with. I will look forward to reading your thoughts about it. Have a great New Year!

  3. I LOVE this book! What a great choice.


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