Tuesday, November 10, 2015

October Book Club

Month: October
Hostess: Chrissy
Food: Margherita pizza, Spinach and feta pizza, and delicious brownies

Book Club has been crazy lately - three babies have been born since March! Usually conversation begins heavy on the baby talk, but then as the night goes on the talk tapers off to talk about the book, as well as our random chatter about what is going on in our worlds.

We all love book club. It is a time not only to discuss books and reading, which we all are fans of, but it is a dedicated time for us to get together with our friends once a month, guaranteed. It is the night we stop the rest of our lives for, to set that two and half hours to catch up and relax and laugh and have fun. I know we all look forward to these hours every month, and now, I find I love them even more. I miss the Boy when I am gone, but it is nice to come home feeling refreshed and recharged. 

This book was an amazing book. Our hearts went out to Victoria, whose life was so hard. Jill was reminded of Gillian Flynn's work while reading this book- it was dark, gritty in places, with a topic that was hard to bear at times, especially for those who are overly empathetic to characters, as most people who read are. Personally, I also have always enjoyed reading about the Victorian meanings of flowers - what a cool way to have a conversation with someone, without words but with posies or roses or carnations or forget-me-nots. I love flowers and gardening, and although I never have quite enough time or the budget to do everything I want, I always try to buy at least one new plant for our yard every year.

Speaking of, does anyone know what kind of flower this is? I love its old world feel. 

November is Alyssa's month, and we are reading The Execution of Noa P. Singleton. 


  1. I love how you and your peeps make that time to hang out once a month. Me and mine were lucky to even get together twice a year. We managed to this year and tried for a third but with two nurses, it's hard to coordinate.

    1. That would be tough!! We have one respiratory therapist in our midst, so I definitely understand how it would be hard to schedule! I am very thankful that we are able to hang out as much as we do. :)


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