Tuesday, October 27, 2015

What Wyatt's Reading - Halloween Edition

I love reading to Wyatt, and he seems to enjoy it too. At least, he likes grabbing the pages, hitting the pages, and trying to close and open the book the whole time I am reading. Every once in a while though, an illustration will grab his complete and total attention, and he will just put both hands on the page, like "Look at this masterpiece!".

This month we read a lot of fall and Halloween themed books. Some were old favorites of mine, others were new to me. Some were stinkers, some were so good they are on my list to permanently add to his library.

We have a few days to go, and I plan on reading a few more to him, but for now, these are the books we have read.

These two were my favorites! I am definitely adding them to our own personal library.

I am a Witch's Cat: Super adorable - a very cute look at a mother-daughter relationship but also could be just mother and child, even though the child in the book is female. 

Sophie's Squash: This was a random pick and I am in love with this book. I am glad I "picked" it hanging out on the shelf. It is based on a true story - the author's daughter really fell in love with a squash. Very unique! 

Duck and Goose Find a Pumpkin: This was a super simple, cute little read. 

Creepy Carrots!: I love this book. It has just enough creep factor for a kid I think, to keep them in suspense, if young enough, without being too scary. Hopefully!


 Fall Leaves Fall - This book was a nice look at fall leaves, and included a few small lessons. It contained some simple leaf identification, and also explained how leaves change color in the fall. Loved it and will read it to Wyatt again in the future, when he can understand the small science lesson as well as enjoy the story and pictures. Not buying it though, it's like $50!

The Apple Pie Tree: I didn't like this one as much but it was still cute. I will probably buy this one, since we have our own apple tree in the front yard. And it's not $50!

Halloween: This one fascinated Wyatt! The illustrations were so vibrant, he loved them. 

Jeoffrey's Halloween: I loved the story for this book but I wish the colors of the illustrations would have been a little more vivid and bright. 

Pumpkin Town: So, my husband read this one to Wyatt and he hated it - my husband that is. :( He said "it just wasn't that good."

Scary, Scary Halloween: Eve Bunting's books never go out of style for me. This one is perfect for Halloween.

Scaredy-Cat, Splat: Another author you can't go wrong with!

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  1. I love how you themed the reading! I should start doing that with my little girl.

    1. It's fun! I am such a nerd. Lol. I used to run the elementary school library before I had Wyatt - I always loved decorating for the month. It has translated into theme reading for Wyatt. I plan on on doing this every week - we are starting on more fall and Thanksgiving books!

  2. Great selection of books for Wyatt. I miss those books. I was helping the school librarian last week or so stamp new books and I just missed that age when my girls would find tons of picture books at the store and cause their dad's jaw to drop.

    1. Lol! I do that to my husband now, with all the books I pick out and bring home. One day I hope it will be Wyatt! :)

  3. I wish I had seen this in time for halloween, some I may still try and find at the library. How lucky Wyatt is to have a book loving, librarian for a mother!! We are nowhere near your level of reading but Chris always read to them while he was home and we continue to read at bedtime and for pleasure during those rare lulls in our lives, and we see the difference in how our babes love reading compared to kids who haven't really been exposed to pleasure reading as much. Luke is, and always has been, mesmerized by books and I am constantly amazed at his recall of what is read, even from more complex stuff that Chris reads to Sofia (Harry Potter) that we "think" he's not really paying attention to. I love to see their love of reading blossoming, as it was something I did not get growing up. Love reading about your motherhood journey and seeing photos of your happy little boy! :)

    1. I am going to try to do this every week - stay tuned for my fall/Thanksgiving reads!

      I love reading him all these books - and picking them out!

      I love seeing the photos of your two reading - especially the ones where Sofia is reading to Luke. Sounds like Luke is going to be a reader after my own heart! It made me sad at work, boys were less likely to be readers than girls for some reason. :( My parents are big readers, and it is something we always did together as a family. And I love that Chris is reading Sofia Harry Potter - she looked amazing in her costume! Good job on it by the way!

    2. I'm back looking for a fall/halloween themed book for Chris to read to Luke's class in a couple of weeks and remembered this post. Hmm, wonder why B didn't like Pumpkin Town, I was looking at it on goodreads and I liked that it sounds like the main characters may be hispanic, plus it sounds like there's a lesson about how our actions effect others. Maybe I'll see if I can find it at the library and check it out in person. Would love any other suggestions for the Kindergarten crowd :)


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