Sunday, September 6, 2015

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This week was so hot and humid, I barely stepped foot outside. It was just so swampy, and my asthma goes nutso with weather like that. Today is no better either - weather like this does make me long for fall. Last week, I wasn't sure I was ready - thank you humidity for reminding me of why I am such an autumn lover! 

In baby news my little guy turned 6 months old! I can hardly believe it! Time has really flown. He was 2 lbs 15 oz and 16 1/4 inches long at birth - now he is 13 lbs and 24 inches long! He is doing great. Also, my friend had her baby on the 2nd! She was the last of the baby brigade to be born - since October 2014, 7 babies have been born to friends and family. It is really an exciting time! I can't wait until they are all running around playing together. 

We took a family trip to the Detroit Institute of Arts this morning - they have a new Rembrandt we wanted to see. Wyatt attracted attention as one of the youngest people there. One woman even commented that he is the littlest art critic she has met! We also looked at ourselves in a mirror that was created in the early 1700s; we talked about how long that mirror has been around, and how many different reflections it has displayed through the centuries, including that of us and Wyatt now. 

Read Last Week:

In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware: This was so good! I realy enjoyed it. It was compared to Gone Girl and to The Girl on the Train - I liked it better than Girl on the Train but less than Gone Girl. It was very riveting and I read it every spare second I got!

Reading This Week:


Sideswiped by Kim Harrison: I never got to this last week, but I hope to read it this week. 

The Hidden by Heather Graham: I guess I am on a bit of a Krewe of Hunters spree!


We are watching Penny Dreadful and 2 Broke Girls, two very different shows! I plan on starting The 100 this week as well. (Thanks Greg for the tip!)

Posted Last Week:


  1. In a dark dark wood sounds good. :) I liked Sideswiped, now I can't wait to dig into The Drafter. :)


    1. In a Dark Dark Wood was pretty good! It was one of those books where I wanted to just keep reading and reading to get to the end!

  2. We are dying to watching Penny Dreadful. It looks awesome! Happy 6 months to your little guy! Enjoy your week!

    1. It is really good!!! It is pretty gruesome though - I cover my eyes a lot. Lol. I like it though. And thanks! :)

  3. Your books are new to me. I do like the cover of SideSwiped

  4. I hope you get some cooler weather this week. It was really hot here yesterday.
    Your trip to the art institute sounds like fun. I hope Wyatt enjoyed it too! Time does go by so quickly.

    Hope you enjoy your reading and viewing this week. I haven't found any new series to watch yet on Netflix. I'm just waiting for my fall shows to start up.

    1. Ugh me too! We are due for some big storms here today I guess - hopefully they usher in cooler weather.

      Wyatt was so good! He peeked over the top of his baby carrier at the paintings, until he fell asleep. Lol.

      I am looking forward to a few of my fall shows - some of them ended super weird last season, I am curious what will happen.

  5. The little guy has certainly grown up fast! Seems just last week he was born :) I'm glad he gained so much weight and from the Instagram pics I can see he is a real cutie.
    I would like to read all of your books actually, In a Dark Dark Wood, Sideswiped, and The Hidden, good choices! What, no owl books, lol !?

    Have a great week and hope the weather turns more Fall-ish for your sake soon!

    1. It feels that way to me too! He still is a cuddler for now though. :) And thanks!

      Ha, not this week! Although I did add a whole owl series of books to Wyatt's reading list the other day. I was just thinking about doing another post on what we are reading to him lately.

      Thanks Rita - have a great week as well!

  6. Six months already? That's awesome. We were not far apart this weekend - my husband and I spent Monday at Greenfield Village. Hope you had a great time at the DIA. I haven't been there in quite awhile. The suits of armor are my favorite! :)

  7. I highly recommend reading the book The Girl on the Train: A Novel.
    I finished reading it today, and I think its a really good book.

    I ordered mine off Amazon and they delivered it in just 2 days.
    Here is the link for the book on Amazon:


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