Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Book Review: Frostfire

Title: Frostfire
Author: Amanda Hocking
Source: Library

Goodreads Summary:

Bryn Aven is an outcast among the Kanin, the most powerful of the troll tribes.

Set apart by her heritage and her past, Bryn is a tracker who's determined to become a respected part of her world. She has just one goal: become a member of the elite King’s Guard to protect the royal family. She's not going to let anything stand in her way, not even a forbidden romance with her boss Ridley Dresden.

But all her plans for the future are put on hold when Konstantin– a fallen hero she once loved – begins kidnapping changelings. Bryn is sent in to help stop him, but will she lose her heart in the process?

My thoughts:

I don't know when Amanda Hocking became one of my favorite authors to read, but there she is. She kind of snuck in there when I wasn't looking. I have read her Mermaid series and Trylle series, and enjoyed them. This book was even better, in my opinion.

Bryn Aven is a complicated character - she has just the right amount of both internal and external conflict to make her interesting. She's a tough cookie, almost too tough to be completely likable, but she shows enough vulnerability that the reader can sympathize with her. The plot itself was pretty good ~ and kept me reading until I finished. My only complaint is that the story ended rather abruptly. It seemed to end mid-scene, with no real ending at all! I hate that. I don't mind a cliffhanger, but I like cliffhangers that have a little bit more closure. Lol.

I am so upset I have to wait until May for the next installment! This was the perfect read for me at this time. It held my interest and I loved the setting and the characters. If you are a fan of YA or supernatural, you will like this book! Even if not, and you are looking for something fun to read, you might want to give it a go.


  1. When it comes to character conflicts, I enjoy a balance of both internal and external. If it is too internal, then oftentimes I just see the character running around in mental circles but not doing much to forward the plot. If it's too external, then...well, we get a standard action flick. :P I'm glad Bryn Aven has a good balance of both worlds!

    Amanda Hocking is a great storyteller. I hadn't heard of her Kanin chronicles before, so thank you for enlightening me!

  2. I just saw on another blog that Amanda Hocking is the first self-published author to sell more than a million copies of her books. That's pretty crazy. Frostfire looks interesting. Thanks for the review!

  3. I read book one in her zombie apocalypse themed series with my eldest. I don't really care for zombies but I like stories about fairires, fae, mermaids etc more so, so maybe I will look for this title. I was aware of her incredible talent/luck to become a self-pub phenom so kudos to her!

    By the way, I just came back to blogging after a month hiatus and was wondering if you are feeling okay, or just too busy/tired to blog? Hope all is well with you and baby :)


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