Thursday, July 11, 2013

June Book Club

Hostess: Kelly
Book: Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase
Food: Veggie kabobs, couscous, cheese bread, homemade raspberry sorbet
Month: June
Wine of the Night: Sangria

This is a book I would never have picked up to read in a million years, based just on the cover alone. But that is the beauty of our book club, that we are gently forced to read out of our comfort zone. I have definitely read books I never would have due to book club, and I am glad that I have. Just the exposure to something different is refreshing.

Kelly had a wonderful array of summery foods and drink prepared for us when we arrived, one after another, to her beautiful home that is straight from House Beautiful. She has the perfect eye for putting together her home, decorated with antiques mostly from the 1930s, her favorite era. The sangria was particularly inviting, calling my name from its position on the counter.  Kelly's cat Olive also decided to join us, taking up her spot on the dining room table. The food was on the table in the nook in the kitchen, so no worries about the cat in the food. Although that is something all of us have to worry about, that when our backs are turned, the cats at all our houses will sample will our food too!


Like I had said above, this is not a book I would normally choose. However I really enjoyed it, as did everyone else. In this particular romance, the main female character/heroine Jessica is practical, logical, capable and independent. She is awesome. The hero, Dain, is so emotional and vulnerable and insecure. Its like  a role reversal from the average romance novel. Jessica often tells Dain he is a high strung Thoroughbred, and it is an apt description. We talked about what actors we think could play Dain and Jessica if it ever was a movie (something I love to do lol) and I think Amy Adams would be a good Jessica and Jason Momoa would be a perfect Dain. I love Amy Adams, I also think she would have been a perfect Amy in the movie version of Gone Girl.

So, Lord of Scoundrels is not your typical romance although the cover is horrid. I enjoyed it and thought it was the perfect book to read in June. 

July is Mary, and she is having us read The Host.  


  1. You are so right about that cover, eeek! LOL, it's awful ;)

    I'm glad you ended up liking it!

  2. It is great when book groups push us to read books outside our comfort zone. My book groups have never read romance novels and we've mostly stayed with literary fiction or classics. I can't picture us reading genre fiction unfortunately (maybe because we are library affiliated and the other members want to read "quality" books). Sometimes it can be fun to try something new. I enjoy romance novels (though I agree that this cover is horrid) so I'll have to check out Lord of Scoundrels sometime.

    1. Lol yeah we are pretty unconventional. We tried to go the way of classics and more literary books, but we decided to just have fun with it, since we are all just a group of friends to begin with. I read more quality type books on my own, so book club just ends up being a good time. :)


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