Friday, March 8, 2013

A Few Quicky Reviews

Anyone But You by Jennifer Crusie

I love these little quicky reviews, they are perfect sometimes. I got the idea from Jennifer at The Relentless Reader.  I really needed some easy reading recently, and these three books did a great job filling that need.

This is a cute and fluffy book, an easy read.  I picked it up because I had just finished a few pretty intense books, and I needed a commercial break for my brain. Jennifer Crusie writes nifty characters, who are funny and smart.  This particular book was about an older woman and a younger man, and unconditional love.  If you need a book to cleanse the palette, try this one.

 Prince of Darkness by Barbara Michaels

Barbara Michaels is a fall back comfortable writer for me.  If I am floundering about, in the mood to read but being picky about books, I will grab one of hers off my shelf.  I have read them over and over, but there is something..cozy..about them. And I love the usually gothic type of atmosphere.

I should have read this at Christmas time for the full impact, but whatever.  I still like these characters, such a gentle, easily solved world they live in. This book reminded me of the Little House on the Prairie Christmas episode where they all recalled past Christmases.

So, there you have it! My easy reading for the past couple of weeks.


  1. I love the idea of cleansing the palette!

  2. I love a good palate cleanser! Once in a while a few magazines will do the trick. (A couple issues of People magazine always primes me for something more serious)

    I haven't read a Crusie in a million years. (Or so, lol) I remember liking the lightness and humor.

    1. Lol, I guess I spelled palate wrong. I was apparently thinking of the artist palette. ;)

      I read the same few over and over by her usually, Anyone but You was a bit of a one off. Lol. But it was still true to her style, that light and funny one. :)


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