Friday, December 28, 2012

December Book Club

Hostess: Mary
Book: An Angel for Christmas by Heather Graham
Food: Pizza, Cheese Tray, Veggie Tray, Hummus and Pita, Milano Peppermint Slices, Lemon Bars
Month: December
Wine of the night: Island Winery- Shipwreck, which is local wine. And it was good!

Mary chose An Angel for Christmas and it was the perfect book for the season. It was festive, short, and an easy read escape, all things that are appreciated in such a stressful time.   The book was more religious than I had anticipated, I guess I thought the angel would be more figurative. Jennifer and I disliked the main character Morwenna, but liked the rest of the characters.  It was a thriller-mystery type book, and I found the mystery itself interesting. Overall, it was a fun holiday read.  

Every Christmas for the past few years we have been doing a handmade Christmas gift exchange, and every year it is so fun to see what everyone has created.  Alyssa and Jill were unable to attend this month, but here are the gifts from the rest of us. 

From the left: The painted pink horse was from me (this is Jill's that I have to take to her house tonight). It is a planter idea I got from this blog. Chrissy made the purple ornament with the snowflake (my favorite color!), Mary made us the Bottle of Wine Book Club ornaments, Kelly commisioned her mother-in-law to  make us fabric book covers, and Jennifer made us homemade caramel, from The Pioneer Woman's recipe.

We always have a great time, drinking and eating and chatting.  I can't even tell you how loud book club gets, its crazy! 

Next month is Alyssa's month to host.

Closer look...  

Chrissy's ornament

Mary's Ornament

Kelly's cover

Jennifer's Caramel

My painted plastic animal planter



  1. We had a great time! Archer loved all the extra attention. That Island Winery Wine is my absolute favorite! The Peach Tidal wave and the green apple are what i had to serve on top of the barefoot cabernet and pinot and the Gallo moscato;) Try the white cranberry shipwreck from Island Winery, It is too good to be true!

    1. It was a very good time! Book Club night is one of my favorites every month, and I look forward to it every time. I will try the white cranberry for sure- I was going to buy some of the Island Winery wine for NYE!

  2. Those are such great gifts! I'm loving that pink horse!


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