Saturday, February 18, 2012


I haven't read much lately.  And this is the reason why:

Is anyone else addicted to this show? My friend Jill and I have been watching it like crazy and then reading all we can online.  Personally, I have been reading most about this guy:

This is Branson, a complex character - a Socialist Irish Chauffeur who falls in love with the aristocratic youngest daughter. His plotline is the best, and it doesn't hurt that he is super adorable.

But all this Downton Abbey has sparked an interest in the old classic gothics, like Jane Eyre, and Wuthering Heights, so I guess this obsession was good for something.  This week I am reading:

Wuthering Heights by Jane Eyre:  One of my favorites, but I really don't like Heathcliff!

Cheerful Money by Tad Friend:  I think this looks pretty interesting.

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