Sunday, September 11, 2011

Title:  The Hijab Boutique
Author:  Michelle Khan
Publisher:  The Islamic Foundation

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Goodreads Summary:

Farah enjoyed her private girls' school and fun with her friends. Then an assignment meant she had to talk about her mother for "International Woman's Day" in front of the whole class. Compared to her friends' glamorous actress, make-up artist, and tap-dancing mothers, what can her modest mother possibly have that is worth sharing with her classmates? To Farah's surprise, her mother was quite the business woman before putting her career on hold to care for her daughter.

My thoughts:

I am very excitedly going to add this to our school library collection.  The area I live in actually has a large Muslim population, and every year we are enrolling more and more Muslim children into our school, whose mothers dress traditionally, in a hijab.  I like this book because it is explains in a very understandable way, about how and why the women in the Muslim faith choose to wear the hijab.  The author explains that for every woman the reason is different, and lists many different reasons.  I learned new things myself, reading this book, and I think it will be a welcome addition for our students to read.    We do not have many other fiction books at this time that deal with this subject matter, and this book does so in a positive, easy manner.  The only thing I could have wished for was a glossary for some of the words used, but other than that, a very good book.

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