Friday, December 30, 2016

What Wyatt's Reading - December Edition

So, I am narrowing this post down to the top five books we read this month, as it would be a mammoth blog post. Lol. Being Christmas, we read so many holiday books. Rather than list off the multitudes, I narrowed down the list to the favorites. The ones that elicited the most squeals of joy, clapping, and also, frankly, a few that I liked the most too.

(clicking on the covers should take you to the Goodreads page..hopefully!)

Wyatt loves loves loves Llama Llama! I do too honestly, they are so cute, and easy to read aloud with their simple, sing-songy rhymes. It is so sad that Anna Dewdney passed away this year, and so young.

Wyatt spotted this on display at the library and would not rest until I grabbed it for him. I have to admit, I was a little in love with it too, after I read it. The illustrations are so detailed and interesting, I found myself going back and flipping through the book to look at them without little hands pawing at the page. The story was really cute too - and the main character little girl looks a lot like my friend's daughter!

I picked this one out for him for Christmas, and read it to him on Christmas Eve. We read about Iceland's tradition of giving and reading books on Christmas Eve (and eating chocolate!) and so our little family decided to have our own Icelandic style Christmas Eve. We exchanged books and had some reading time, although it was not all that we did. This was Wyatt's book. I adored it! 

Another book gift for Wyatt. I saw this book when we vacationed in Saugatuck this summer, and knew I had to get it. Billy and I both have multiple tattoos so I thought this book would be fun. We have appointments in February to get a new tattoo - we are each getting a tattoo, "the best tattoo of all". We are getting acorn tattoos to represent our little guy. I can't wait!

This book is absolutely gorgeous. It is also really fun! Wyatt and I had fun finding the little foxes together, and I enjoyed the unique page design. Some of the pages were cutouts, delicate and beautiful, and while I loved them, they frustrated Wyatt since they were fragile and he couldn't really grab onto them - especially since this was a library book! I am going to buy it for him, both because I love it, and also so that he can touch the pages. I can use it to help teach him how to respect books, but also still interact with it the way that it was intended. 


  1. It was so fun to see what Wyatt's reading. Jellybean liked the Llama Llama books when she was young. We used to pick up a book of hers whenever we went for bagels on Sunday in Laurel Village. Very sad to hear such a young author passed away. You go on the ink. I'd love a knitting tatt but am scared of the pain.

    1. Tattoos are supposed to be addictive, releasing some sort of response in your body that makes you want more if you have them. Not sure if that is true, but I do think after you get your first, you are totally ok with adding more. Maybe because you learn they don't hurt as much as you think? They do hurt though - that is truth, but it is more like a pinching pain, like a bee sting over and over. I only have one large tattoo, on my leg of a fox, that took about 12 hours, 6 at a time to get - that was the most painful simply because I had to sit the longest. I have one on the back of my neck of a Scottish thistle in memory of my Grandma, and that was so quick I think I barely felt it! Location is important too, with pain, as you would probably imagine. My acorn is going on my wrist - I will let you all know about how it measures up in pain!

    2. My daughters have tats, my younger daughter keeps adding those that mean something to her: such as a peachy-pink rose that symbolizes my mother, a compass that means she likes to travel as we've moved many times in her life,etc. I love that an acorn represents your little guy :)

      I just found out this year about Iceland's traditions for Christmas and I think it is so wonderful!! Books and chocolate, what else can you ask for to represent love!

  2. Llama Llama books are great! My little guy is just starting to show preferences for things, and he's latched onto Llama Llama Hoppity Hop. I've read that book a lot recently! :)


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