Friday, August 26, 2016

Catching Up

We have been a busy little household lately!

Last weekend we took our first ever family vacation. My father and stepmom always rent a cottage on the lake up north every summer, and invited us up to stay for the weekend. So we packed up the Jeep and headed north! Wyatt did so good in the car - it was a four hour drive, which took us five, but we had a pit stop in the middle so Wyatt could eat and be out of his car seat for a bit. He was fussy for maybe 15 minutes of the whole drive - he's a trooper! 

We had a great time up north, despite the fact that it rained more than it has all summer! Our beach day hopes went down the drain, but we still slogged wetly through Leland/Fishtown, one of my favorite spots in northern Michigan. I was reminded of Innsmuth from Lovecraft, with the quaint fishing village, the gray skies, the unrelenting rain - minus the horrors of course. My dad generously bought us all warm sweatshirts, and onward we touristed. The highlight of that particular visit was the candy store! I usually skip that one, but this time we indulged and we were thankful later that night, while the wind was whipping around the cottage, and the rain was pelting down. We all got to snuggle inside, reading and playing games, and eating our candy. Or sleeping, if you were Wyatt. All in all, it was a great first trip.

In other news, I also started classes this week (two online Anthropology classes), and also, work! I haven't worked since before Wyatt was born, but my cousin is an attorney and needed some help in the office. So I'm back in the world! Only two half days a week, but that is enough for now, with everything else that is happening. It's fun to get out and do something different.

So the last week went from zero to sixty in a hurry, and I am excited about the new changes, although I will miss the nugget while I am away!


  1. Yay for northern Michigan. I thought that third pic looked familiar! I like Leland/ Fishtown but it's been a couple summers since I've been up there. Glad you guys had a great trip (sorry to hear about the rain). Do you guys ever go out on the Old mission Peninsula? Love it out there, and the drive up West Bay towards Leelanau is nice too.

    Congrats on the classes too! Hope the end of summer is treating you guys well. :)

    1. My dad and stepmom rent the same property every year, and it is about 30 minutes or so from Fishtown. Going there is always on my list when we go up there. :) This time though - I won't forget it! The drive back to the cottage was insane - I felt like I was driving through a hurricane!

      I have never been there but everyone has told us it is fun! We will have to go there for sure one year.

  2. Your dad sounds so sweet. What a fun trip for you all. I'm glad Wyatt had a good time. Congrats on taking a step back into the working world; kudos to you. Anthropology sounds so much fun. I hope in another life I'm an anthropologist or an archaeologist. I just started The Charm Bracelet that is loosely set near Lake Michigan.

    1. He's a good guy. :)

      I know right, wouldn't that be the best job! I don't "need" these classes but I indulged and took them anyway. I find it all fascinating! One is about the anthropology of food, and how food is a cultural and behavioral thing. I am super excited about that class.

      I will have to look for that book!


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