Wednesday, August 14, 2013

July Book Club

Hostess: Mary
Book: The Host by Stephanie Meyer
Food: Veggie burgers, Green Salad, Hummus and pita chips,  Lemon Cake 
Month: July
Wine of the Night:  Island Red

Mary's house buzzes with activity, like a vibrant bee hive. Her oldest boy is in and out of the house, playing in the summer evening, while her youngest burbles from his chair, wanting to be picked up. Her husband is outside grilling, and Mary herself is putting the food together. The house itself feels alive, and the evening air blows through the windows, cooling the rooms.

We all gather in the living room, wine in hand, with the sounds of people enjoying the park across the street providing background music. Mary's newest baby kitten Starfish joins us, acting a bit crazy like only kittens can get away with.  Anthony brings in the burgers, and we all eat, talking about our day and our month.  Chrissy was preparing for her honeymoon on St. John, Jill was getting ready to invade London. The rest of us were just enjoying summer and our loved ones.

After our bellies were full and we were feeling sated, we discussed the book. I was very happy that the ending worked out for every character. I really liked Wanda and was glad she got to stay. I found it so interesting that Meyer's reason for an alien takeover was because of how violent humans are. This was a big discussion question for us, about the violence of humans vs. the good; the good always outweighs the bad, which Wanda learned. We were divided between Team Jared and Team Ian, and I am Team Ian. Lol. We all agreed that this book is better than the Twilight series though.

This was a fun night, with a fun book. I enjoyed the barbecue style food, it worked perfectly with the warm summer night. 

Next book club is Alyssa's. We are reading Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls.


  1. Ha, I just read the Host too! Weird love polygon, better than Twilight, interesting premise. :)

    1. I totally agree - the premise was pretty different from anything I have ever read, and I ended up liking it.


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