Monday, February 18, 2013

Mini Reviews - Winter Town and The Water Witch

Title: Winter Town
Author: Stephen Emond
Source:  Library

I picked this book up because it felt reminiscent to me of Blankets, which I adored. However, this book was nothing like it. I actually found the main characters in this story annoying, they were all like extreme versions of themselves.  Evan was too straight laced  Lucy trying too hard to be different, Evan's dad too much of a ball buster  The only one I liked was Evan's grandma.  It just didn't interest me; maybe it is because I am not of the intended target audience.

Title: The Water Witch
Author: Juliet Dark
Source: Library Thing

I was so excited to win this book - I had been waiting and waiting to read it.  I like Carol Goodman, who is Juliet Dark; I enjoyed the first in this series, The Demon Lover, which, while it was a paranormal/supernatural novel, still was smart.  You could tell that it had its roots in folkore and fairy tales.  However, The Water Witch missed the mark for me slightly.  It still had its moments which were the kind  I expect from this author, but they were not enough.  The main character, Callie, was still mooning over her banished incubus, and then came the part that I inwardly cringed over - zombie beavers. It just made me sad that zombie beavers were in this book. Enough said, I think. If there is another book in this series, I will read it, and hope this was just a one off. I still have hope that Dark will reconsider the zombie beaver moments, and go back to where she was in the first book.


  1. Good gravy, zombie beavers?? Omg, I can't stop laughing! LOL, seriously!?

    Winter Town even looks like blankets doesn't it? Too bad it wasn't as good!

    1. Lol I know!!! Who thinks zombie beavers are ever a good idea? Lol.

      Yeah, I really didn't like Winter Town at all. :(

    2. Ha ha! I keep thinking of that term and laughing my fool head off, lol

    3. Lol!!I actually had to reread it, like really, what, zombie beavers?

  2. I had no idea that this was Carol Goodman! I'm so excited to read The Demon Lover because of it :) Although maybe I don't need to rush to get to this one as much :) I love the cover though and I'm sure that I'll read it eventually!

    1. The cover is really gorgeous. Parts of the book weren't bad, just some parts...not so much. And I seriously love Carol Goodman too!


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