Thursday, March 8, 2018

Book Review: Twist of Faith

Title: Twist of Faith
Author: Ellen J. Green
Source:  Amazon Publishing in return for an honest review 

Goodreads Summary:

After the death of her adoptive mother, Ava Saunders comes upon a peculiar photograph, sealed and hidden away in a crawl space. The photo shows a shuttered, ramshackle house on top of a steep hill. On the back, a puzzling inscription: Destiny calls us.

Ava is certain that it’s a clue to her elusive past. Twenty-three years ago, she’d been found wrapped in a yellow blanket in the narthex of the Holy Saviour Catholic Church—and rescued—or so she’d been told. Her mother claimed there was no more to the story, so the questions of her abandonment were left unanswered. For Ava, now is the time to find the roots of her mother’s lies. It begins with the house itself—once the scene of a brutal double murder.

When Ava enlists the help of the two people closest to her, a police detective and her best friend, she fears that investigating her past could be a fatal mistake. Someone is following them there. And what’s been buried in Ava’s nightmares isn’t just a crime. It’s a holy conspiracy.

My Thoughts:

This book was super cuckoo pants but in a good way! It was riveting, I couldn't put it down.  I loved the character Ava, and found her absolutely fascinating. She is a giant mess, her family is a giant mess, even her house is a giant mess. The only thing not a giant mess about Ava, honestly, is her pure drive and desire to solve a mystery that she is sure is tied to her own past, about which she knows nothing, other than that she was found abandoned in a church. Following the clues lead to more questions, and her friends become quickly as swallowed up by the desire to find out the answers as Ava. 

Then boom - in the middle a gigantic twist. 

I couldn't believe it. I won't spoil it but holy moses, I wasn't expecting what happened!

Then boom - the ending! Another crazy twist! This book was definitely edge of your seat kind of stuff, riveting, twisty and dark, with oh so many secrets. 

A great read for a rainy or stormy spring evening. (or day!) 


  1. Ooh I love shocking twists like that. and slightly spooky mysteries. This sounds great...

    1. It was really pretty good! I enjoyed seeing how it all shook out.

  2. "Cuckoo pants" made me LOL. How entertaining we humans can be, yeah?

    1. Lol!! Glad I gave you a chuckle. This book review is a little less formal than I try to be - probably more like how I would describe the book to my friends. Lol.


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