Monday, December 17, 2012

Book Blogger Holiday Card Exchange #1

The Book Bloggers Holiday Card Exchange was a super fun event to participate in.  It was easy - you were assigned three bloggers that you were to send a card to, with some sort of bookish message inside.  If you wanted to include something in your card, you were not supposed to spend more than $5.00, and the the card had to stay flat. 

The cards and gifts I have received have been so creative!! I don't think I was as successful in the department, but I hope they enjoyed my cards and gift as well. 

Suey at Sueys Books made me the most adorable card, with words from my blog on the star. So cute!I also love the laminated Read bookmark. Suey told me about some of the best books she read this year, and crazily I haven't read any. But I am definitely going to read The Scorpio Races very soon!

Ashley of Book Labyrinth sent a super cute snowman card and 5 bookmarks! 2 that she made and laminated (on the tree) and 3 advertising different books. I will have to check the books out!  Ashley also included a few titles that she has loved, and I haven't read them but I am going to read them for sure in 2013.

I am going to have to come up with some cute ideas for next year! I am really enjoying this fun little blogger holiday treat.

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